My mother’s childhood in Mexico and her story of her workplace

Interviewing my uncle (social studies hw)

I would be talking to my uncle and we are going to talk about his childhood

Aspirational Life

In this interview, Alexandro is told some personal information


My mom talks about her experience in Mexico and compares it to the Untied States

La migra (Immigration) is after me

We talk about the issues with immigration, drugs but also the good parts of life

Grandma Gloria

My grandma who tells me a little bit about her and her early life

Interview My Dad

Interview my dad about his childhood and life lessons

Interview with my mom

Interview with my mom who is from Mazatlán, Mexico. She shares stories of her growing up in a different place and time period.

Maria’s Life Story

Maria has encountered hardships but is a persistent person who was able to achieve her goals.

Thanksgiving listen

On life experiences and what was learned.

Service Corps worker conversation: Luis Gerardo Lopez Torres, Jesus Guerrero, Nicole Veach

We had a conversation with Luis to understand more about him, his family, his work as a supervisor at AI, his thoughts about the Worker Well Being Program, what is different since the program was implemented, how it has benefitted...

My dad #mbhsstories

My dad explained how his childhood and family have to do with the person that he is today.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Alamos acerca de la niñez de como era y donde vivia y que le gustaba hacer. Tambien horita como esta en so vida y como le va.

Leonardo Sanchez & Salvador Sanchez

A son talks to his dad about his life, how he came to be. How he got his job to today's daily life.

New life miles away from home

Alex arrived from Durango, Mexico 5 months ago. In December when I visited him in Mexico he would constantly mention how he wanted to live the American Dream. Now his dream came true, and although his life isn’t exactly how...

Sharing your memories

My mom talks about how she met my father, difficult memories and how proud she is of me.

Ana’s giving listen

Mostly about my mothers past and how she was raised and how she raised me and also her experiences when coming to the u.s


Patience is key especially when you you’re climbing up a pyramid in Mexico.

Great thanks giving listen

It was about her life moving to the Us as an immigrant.

Learning more about my mom

Learning about her childhood. Also talked about her parents.