Interview with Grandma Tootie

Trea Houska (14) interviews her grandma Jean Houska (85) about her life growing up in a small town.

Studying abroad
December 5, 2018 App Interview

We asked ourselves questions about studying abroad

Jovan’s Mom

Jovan Gorman-Carter talking about what he loves about his mom, Tracy Gorman.

Understanding culture in the WELS

We talked about racial profiling in general and how it is different in the WELS

Interview with my grandmother, Grammy.

Today is November 23, 2017 in Andover, Minnesota. I am Lindsey Green, my grandmother is Nancy Falls I start off with asking my grandmother questions about what she is grateful for, and about her childhood. She shares so many interesting...

Pam and Darren Gereau Media Interview

It was about what they were like as teens and what advice they have for teens now and in the future

MLC 2018 Intro to Minority Cultures Interview-Jacob Bitter, Isaiah Glisper

Jacob Bitter and Isaiah Glisper talk about being a minority in public ministry and how to encourage other minority students to consider public ministry

Riley Norman talking with his mom Missy Callahan talking about early life and childhood experiences.
November 26, 2017 App Interview

In this interview on November 26th, 2017 my mom and I talked about her early life, her family, traditions, and jobs. Also how her childhood formed and changed who she is as an adult.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about Melinda’s life and what she enjoys doing in her free time. We also briefly touched on her thoughts about death and dying.

First generation story

This is the story of a first generation Hmong man in Saint Paul Minnesota.

Jack’s First Serious Hospital Visit

My dad is a man of few words. He answers immediately and without hesitation except when the tears come on it is hard to continue for him. But he is strong, he has always been strong.

Janet Rudolph and Lauren Rahier talk about life in a small town and living in a farm

In this interview, conducted in November 2017, Lauren Rahier(13) and Janet Rudolph (63) talk about growing up in a tight knit community. Janet describes what it was like living in a small community in Minnesota (Redwood Falls). She talks about...

The life of Alicia

This is me Kenia, interviewing my aunt about her life in Mexico and childhood. There's many silence blocks but in the end I found about things I never knew about her life.

Alex, CK, and Chura talk about support systems

This Spring 2019 LPP trio discuss who they go to for personal support during stressful times. Cultural ideals of support are also discussed.

Piper Kringle and her dad Jason Kringle talk about his past and thoughts on that
November 23, 2017 App Interview

In this interview on November 23rd 2017 in Andover,Minnesota, Piper Kringle (13) interviews her dad Jason Kringle (47), about his life and those he is connected to. Jason answers questions on meeting his wife and proposing to her , about...

Gabe’s Story

Gabe talks about his life, family, and Coca Cola.