Coming to age

My classmate Dakota tells me about his life growing up and awkwardness insues

My Dad

My father was abused and neglected as a child by his stepmother.

Conversation with an autistic metalhead.

This interview takes place with my manager Zane, who was diagnosed with ASD when he was in 4th grade. He dropped out of school when he was in highschool, and during the interview we discuss how and why everything occurred...

Trish Goodman’s days in middle school

Patricia Goodman throughout her childhood lived in Pensacola, Florida and she had great times in her early childhood and high school. However, she went through a Dark Age period, where a classmate in music did awful things to her, while...

His death did not define her

Someone’s death should not be what defines who you or your future. In this interview, 14-year-old Avery Gillette interviews her Mom, Michelle Gillette, on November 27 in Los Angeles, California. We learn how she overcame the hardships of her childhood...

“He pointed a gun and said if you pull out of this driveway, I will shoot you.”

Interview done with my mother, Jen Nguyen in our home in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. She shares many different stories, such as her conflicts with school growing up as a child, and her inspiring story of my grandmother, uncle, and...

Mommy and I

I asked my mother questions and found out some new stuff, it felt good to sit down and have a long talk.


Please report abuse when it happens, and not decades later!

My Grandma Life

In this interview my grandmother reflects about the challenges and struggles in her life.

I’m Still Here

Karen had an incredibly difficult childhood, including abuse and every kind of mistreatment imaginable. Today she is a strong woman and a loving mother who will stop at nothing to let her daughter know her deep love.