Sharing Stories With Mrs. Hallman

Mrs Hallman shared her memories with us which were things that were important to her. She was explaining how school was different back in the day and told about her volunteer work. She shared who influenced her life and her...

The Elementary Maverick

Before big campuses like Campbell Hall, schools would be smaller and different then they are today. Alex Sanger, is a father of two who lived in Texas until he moved to LA, he went to elementary there and had lots...

My Academic Plan
November 29, 2017 App Interview

How young steps can lead to a big success.

The great Thanksgiving listen

Some of the topics my mom and I discussed were mainly about her child hood, how she grew up, and some of her greatest memories from school. We also talked about our ancestors and where they came from, we discussed...

Sydney’s Memories

Since I visited friends instead of family this Thanksgiving, I decided to interview my 15-year-old sister, Sydney, at our house. Before I got into the main questions, I had her tell the listners a little bit about herself. Then, I...

Older brother

How his life was and what he thought of me

Story of my mother, Trish

My mother, who lived in Pensacola, Florida, had a dark moment in middle school, who had changed the way she viewed people throughout her high school career.

Middle School

My mom and I talked about how middle school was for her. She gave me good answers to give me an idea what things were like for her.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

On 11/22/17 I interviewed Bijian Shao for the Great Thanksgiving Listen.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I found that my grandma spent a lot of time alone, and was very independent as a kid. Also, that she hadn’t found her hobbies and or things she liked until she was older.

A talk with my cousin

We talked about how experience and school has shaped him and his personality in general. At the end, I asked for his point of view of me as a person.

Martin Middle School

This is my mothers perspective of the journey of her family and her.

An Interview With My Favorite Teacher Growing Up

I took the time to interview one of my teachers who made a huge impact on me. He was my middle school geography and history teacher. I had a close relationship with him and spent most of my time going...

Istanbul and San Francisco are both home to Aydin

Aydin shares what he finds similar and different about his family of origin’s home, Istanbul, and his home in California, where he and his wife raised twin girls. He shares favorite memories, dreams, and what he is most proud of...