The Family without a Father

I spoke with my grandmother, Virginia Velarde, about her life growing up with her siblings, mother, and step-father. We spoke about the hardships she went through growing up with her step-father and many other emotional moments in her life, including...

My Amazing Youth Pastor

I interviewed my youth pastor of 5 years. He talked a little bit about his life and about how he got to be a youth pastor today. He explained his journey with christianity.

My Mom’s Life

In this interview my mom, Suzy Russell, talks about her childhood experiences and some of her memories of her family.

Jack and his dad talk about his dads childhood
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I learned a little bit about my dads family history and what he did when he was my age

Hanging out with my dad

I got the chance to interview my dad and hear more about his life than I had know before. We talked about his childhood, his political opinions, his time in the military, and his perspective in general.

Damon Runberg interviews his grandma Jeanne McAlexander Tomlin about family ties at Priest Lake

Damon Runberg talked to his grandma Jeanne Tomlin about her family’s long ties to Priest Lake, dating back to 1898 when her great grandfather arrived as a timber Cruiser from Wisconsin. Her family has been at the lake ever since,...

Elizabeth Thomson and Thomas Heberlein talk about Neopit USFS recreational residence cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho

Thomas Heberlein interviewed his wife Elizabeth Thomson about her family’s summer cabin on Forest Service land at Priest Lake. They were awarded one of the last permits at Priest Lake in the late 1950s . Betty talked about the summer...