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Asuka has expressed individuality with different hair cuts and hair styles to reject societal standards.
Rachel tells about her experiences with hair in the workplace, different definitions of beauty, and hair as a source of connection.
Shannon shares her wisdom around mind-body connection, and her journey losing her hair through chemotherapy.
Lili tells the stories of ironing her hair to look like Joan Baez, synchronistic curls with her son, and loving grey hair on other women...
As a mixed race woman, at times, Amber has felt like an outsider in both white and black communities.
Elvie tells about her journey to self love by taking the mirror away.
Sanaa shares her perspective as a woman whose story does not fit neatly into a box.
Erin tells how she came to have such long hair...
Finn Grace Li
Perspectives of a multicultural woman who can pass for many races
Gaining respect for another culture by trying on a foreign hairstyle.
February 9, 2018
A mother's transition towards the strength of natural hair.
January 26, 2018
Hair as an equalizer for a Ghanaian schoolgirl
January 25, 2018
Stories from a Biracial Butterfly