Shirlene Anderson and Linda Parrish

As part of the 30th anniversary of the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC), Linda Parrish (67) has a conversation with her friend Shirlene Anderson (67) about their time serving together on the CVC and about Shirlene being its founder and first...

Tammy Henry, Wilbertine Calhoun, and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke

Sisters Tammy Henry [no age given] and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke [no age given] sit down with their mother, Wilbertine Calhoun (73), to ask her about the parts of her life story that she has not shared with her daughters. As she...

Glenda Tate and Jamila Raybourn

Glenda Tate [no age given] shares a conversation with her mentee, Jamila Raybourn (31), about Jamila’s childhood, her family, her dreams and purpose, what brings her joy, and how she arrived where she is now.

Pamela Ching and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer

Colleagues and friends Pamela Ching (61) and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer (52) have a conversation about their careers, beginning as nutritionists and moving into public health, including stories about their time working in various foreign countries and lessons they learned from...

Sonya Heard and Yolanda Osborne

Fellow teachers and friends Sonya Denise Heard (52) and Yolanda Osborne (52) talk about the people who have influenced their lives as well as their experiences as teachers of young children, focusing part of their conversation on their experiences with...

Patrice Wright-Lewis and Raina Moseley

Raina Moseley (17), a rising senior at Atlanta's Pace Academy, talks with history teacher, Patrice Wright-Lewis (56), about race and racism.

Melvin Sparkman and Julián Torres López

Julián Esteban Torres López (39) interviews his friend Melvin "Joe" Sparkman (39) about living with multiple sclerosis. Joe talks about challenges he has faced getting a job, interactions he has had with doctors, and how his life has been during...

Terence Lester and Jeff Hilimire

Terence Lester (36) and his friend and mentor, Jeff Hilimire (43) talk about their non-profit work in Atlanta, Georgia, how they met, and the ways in which they inspire each other through their work.

Sue Rusche and Bill Carter

Friends and Colleagues, Sue Rusche (79) and Bill Carter (69) have a conversation about the Atlanta-based nonprofit, National Families in Action, that protects children from addictive drugs by shining light on the science that underlies their effects. Topics include NFIA's...