Revelations in the Heartland – Commemorating Stonewall 50 with Norm Arbo

Back in the day, it often took years for things that happened on the coasts to really impact the Heartland. The coincidences of Norm’s life in 1969, while traveling in Europe (on a trip earned as a reward for serving...

Laura Smith interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix about growing up during World War II

In this interview, Laura Smith (16) interviews her grandmother Betty Hendrix (80). Betty shares her memories of growing up during World War II and living in Alabama during the civil rights movement. This interview was conducted on November 22, 2018,...

Thanksgiving Interview with Grandpa Joe

I talked about how my grandpa grew up and the best parts of his life.

Interview of Mary Macnabb. APUSH Grade Reclaimation Extra Credit

Mary Macnabb recounts experiences from her childhood and present years, and discusses the many hardships she has endured.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Listen how I interview my grandma about her at the age of 17, moving to California and give advice based on her relationship experiences.

Mia Jones interviews Judy Millerbernd and talks about her life as a kid and her jobs growing up

In this interview made in November 2017 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Mia Jones (13) interviews her Grandma Judy Millerbernd (74) about her childhood. Judy explains about her major medical diseases and growing up around smoking. She also talks about her...

Growing Up American Graffiti

Madi McCusker interviews her grandfather, Jim Coverley. Jim shares his life experiences growing up in Modesto, California during the 1950s, American Graffeti. Madi and Jim both currently live in Reno, Nevada, 2017 Thanksgiving.