Anjie interviews kiara about life.

In this interview, conducted in September 2019 in Bronx, New York, Anjie interviews her friend Kiara. Kiara shares thoughts on her regrets in life and how her surroundings affected her life. Kiara goes on to discuss questions like how she...


John Sherwood (68) talks with his stepdaughter, Jacy Sorkenn (32), about her grief experience and memories of her mom, Kathy Sherwood, who passed away about a year before.

StoryCorps – Death – values and norms regarding death, loss, and remembrance

Familial themes of death, and how ones mentality of death during upbringing afffects the view of death today.

Interviewing My Mom About Death

Today I sat down and talked to my mom about death. I asked her a little about herself to set the scene and then we delved into the subject of death. I asked her about her experiences, thoughts, and emotions...

Discussing Death with Dad

I talked with my father about his opinion of death and also how is norms/values differentiate from Western Culture.

StoryCorps: Death

In this interview, I talked with my dad about death. We discussed the death of his father, how he felt and coped, how he sees death, and what death means.

Interview with Hannah: My Best Friend and Roommate

Interview with my best friend and roommate Hannah! We talk about her religion and experiences with death, and how her religion affects how her family deals with death.

Ryan Adamkiewicz

Here we talked about my friend’s life back in Egypt. He expanded on a few things about his home town and death that are very different from the way we do things here in America.

Interview with Joyce Frye

Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved...

Family Interview

I have a conversation with my mother about some of her life experiences.

Janet talks with her Dad about his childhood and education in China

My father and I discuss his childhood in China- including his academic achievement, life after the devastating Tangshan earthquake of 1976, and his participation in the Tiananmen Square protests.

Abby Huntress and Lia Nakabayashi

We discussed the impact of death. We also talked about the impact society has on how we react.

Interview on death

Questions surrounding death and after life.

Death SOC 110

In this StoryCorps, I interview my roommate Jacquelyn and talk to her about the meaning of life and what she wants to be remembered for.

A Coming of Age Story

We talked about her childhood and her family. Also about how both of these factors have influenced her life.