Mary Barter interview

Today I interview one of my neighbors Mary barter. I have known her since I was 4 years of age. Who has been a grandmother like figure towards me for my whole child hood. In this I asked her 5...

Ian O’Connor’s interview with his mother

What my mother’s life was like and what she thinks of contemporary Japan. Also, a brief talk about an important individual in Japanese history: Mishima Yukio.

Brenda interview

It was very interesting to find out something I never knew about my neighbor.

My Mom Remembers Her Parents

In this interview, my mom reflects on her life. She also reminisces on her father.

Interview with Ed about his growing up and his hobbies and our common interests.

We talked about Ed’s past with high school, cars, hobbies, personality, good and bad decisions, and modern hobbies and interests. We discussed our interests and modern events that I did that can relate back to what he has done.

Me and my neighbor discuss his time in the coast guard

My good friend and neighbor talks about his time in the Coast Guard. Richard Dein has been a big influence on my life ever since I met him, he has always been there for me. One time when I was...

December 3, 2019 App Interview

We talked about my mother life and her biggest decisions

Great Thanksgiving Interview 2019

Thanksgiving interview with my mom about her childhood, adulthood, and experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke about her lifetime, the most important people in her life, and how she wants to be remembered.

Miles Oshan and his father Scott Oshan talk about his childhood.

In this interview, Miles Oshan (17), asks Scott Oshan (55) about his upbringing in New York City, his childhood struggles, joys, and how each of these elements have influenced him throughout his life.

Growing Up In The 60’s.

This is an interview with my grandma, and she’s telling me about her childhood and growing up.

MK and Mrs. Sheila’s Interview

In this interview we talked about daily life and people who are admired and dreams.