The Merchant of Food

Interview with Harald Herrmann, CEO Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County. The story of a South African emigree who grew up in Anaheim to become one of the top restaurant executives in America and is now running Orange County’s largest...

BVHS Summer Interview (2019)

For my summer assignment I interviewed my Nonna. A spitfire little Italian women whom I love.

Mom and I

We talked about my Mom’s life and things that have been both meaningful and challenging.

Biracial in America

A short interview about Breana’s experience of being biracial in America.

From New Jersey Conservative to Colorado Liberal

In this interview, conducted in Boulder, Colorado on May 20th, 2019, Taylor Gallo, 17, interviews her father, Jeffrey Gallo, 52, on his uprbringing and political experiences during the late 20th century. Jeffrey talks about his conservative family and experiences in...

Interviewing my mom

This is an interview about my mom, Tracy brown, and about my childhood

Rita and Michael Banfield talk about their lives and unlikely meeting story.

Rita del Carmen Velasco Suarez de Banfield is from San Andres de Pillaro, Ecuador and Michael Banfield is from Calumet Michigan. The two talk about their experiences and how they lived, how they met, and what their life is like...

Ancestry DNA Gave My Mother a New Family

When most people order a DNA test kit, they expect to find that they are less Irish than their family claimed to be. My mother, on the other hand, accidentally uncovered her biological father and discovered a new Jewish identity.

Music in the Works

I talked to my band director a little bit about his life and his career.

Interview with My Father, Rod Najimian

My father Rod Najimian, discusses his upbringing in New Jersey, his relationship with his parents and brother, and how he navigated these relationships after his entire immediate family moved to Florida

A Discussion About Rutgers With My Mother, a Rutgers Alumna

In this interview I spoke with my mother, Jennifer Tarantino, about her experience as a Rutgers student in the early 1990s and how the university has changed and improved over time.

Marissa Rangel – Story Corps Interview

Dive into the life of Marissa Rangel – older sister, nurse practitioner, and most importantly, a mother able to pursue her dreams here in America.

Honors College interview of Rabbi Victor

Rabbi Victor discusses the intersection and intertwining of gay and Jewish identities in his life.

Relationship Interview – Mom

An interview about my moms relationship with her twin sister Lisa

98 years of African American history.

Merrill Cooper, 98 years old African American from south Virginia with a high school diploma retired as International Vice President of transport workers union of America

Maribeth Cullom.. Mom

After celebrating her 80th birthday , my Mom sat to chat…..

Life Outside of College

This interview revolves around Dara Jackson, an 18 year old woman that has decided to take a gap year from college, and how this has affected her.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Ryan Decker – Carla Mancuso

Ryan Decker, 11th Grade interviewing Carla Mancuso, Academic All American and current teacher at High Point Regional High School

Steve Bornstein and his work life

“The hardest professional thing i’ve done had to be defying my boss.” On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California Mason Bornstein(14) interviewed his father Steve Bornstein(66) about his professional success. In this interview you will see more in depth...