My father and I do an interview!

My father and I discuss three main subjects: my grandfather, family, and childhood.

Working Behind The Scenes.

Hi I am Annabella Hund and I am 16 years old. I interviewed my father, Mark Hund. My father and I discussed his work life. I wanted to know why, how and when he went into his line of work....

Ellie Savino learns more about her grandparents lives

Ellie Savino interviews her grandparents, Bill and Connie Smith. Ellie is recording from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and Bill and Connie are recording from Lakeland Florida. Ellie asks them many questions that she has always been curious about, such...

“Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together but this year everyone is separated”

This interview was recorded in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The recording took place in My Aunt’s garage in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The interview took place in November 20, 2020 around 7:30 pm. The participants in this video...

The great thanksgiving listen: Addison Jacobs

After the recent death of my uncle and my grandmothers son, I called her from across the country to have an interview to learn more about her and her life

“I didn’t want you guys to experience what I had to go through…”

Jacklyn Kwarteng a 17 year old interviews Gabriel Kwarteng (dad) who moved to the United States when she was 1 month old to know more about where he grew, what his childhood was like, and how living alone in a...

Love and sacrifice

The story of an immigrant who left everything behind to come to United States. She speaks of her struggles and goals that she still hopes to accomplish. The love she has for her kids drives her to be a better...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Riley Finn (16) interviews her mother, Christine Finn (49). This interview was recorded in EHT NJ on November 29 2020. Many aspects of life are talked about including funny family stories.

“I thought he was stuck up…”

A high school student, Brandon Sechrest, 16, interviews his mother Lee Ann about her life in America and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Having been born and raised in Connecticut and growing up on the east coast, she talks about...

the great thanksgiving listen

Tiffani interviewed her aunt Julie at her home on December 7, 2020. Tiffani and her aunt Julie talked about her diffcult childhood and what she did during the summer in vietnam. They also talked about Julie's mother alittle bit. Finally,...

The Great ThanksGiving Listen 2020

In this recording, I interviewed my father for the Great ThanksGiving Listen of 2020. The interview took place in the family’s living room and lasted around 16 minutes. Ten questions were asked and answered that focused around his past and...

Looking Back at High School Memories and Family Stories

This was recorded in Bellmawr, New Jersey in Signe Osborne’s dining room. The date was November 26, 2020. Kaitlyn Rice interviewed her mom mom, Signe Osborne. Signe Osborne is in her 70s with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, coming...

Much More in 16 Years

In this interview, Ruby Doran (16), interviews her mother Susan Doran (49), about what it was like to raise her, and how her mental health struggles had affected her mom.

Test Upload

In this test recording, Olivia Evans records a practice audio file for the 2020 Thanksgiving Listen.

Arianna Florano’s Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2020

In this test recording, Arianna Florano at Egg Harbor Township High School in EHT, NJ records a practice audio file for the 2020 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Arianna Florano is in grade 11 and studying Honors English III.