The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview about my mothers life and what has made her who she is today.

Justin hamzeh and Ruth pratt

I love my grandmother she the same as when she was younger. She was very down to Earth . She was a very good person and still is .

The Old Timer Life

Jim Chapman talks about the everyday life while growing up in the 40’s-50’s

Bobby Cain Rocket Hall Interview

Bobby Cain reflects on his early life in Watkinsville, Georgia and life lessons that he has learned.

Dr. Katrina Meehan

We interviewed our professor’s wife who is the Assistant Director of Academic Services at Berry College about her career and what inspires her as in her job and in life.

“That, like, ‘I’m strong, I can do it,’ or like that idea of pushing yourself. “

2:28-5:28 MP: Do you see anything of yourself in me? What... umm... like... strengths, do you see you've passed on to me? Or what weaknesses? SE: *Laughs* MP: O-or fortalezas or fuerzas? How do you- how do I say...? SE:...

English assignment

My mom talks about her life and everything she has been through

interview with joe

Taylor sat down and interviewed with classmate Joe.

Selene’s childhood (:

Selene gives us a little inside of her crazy childhood years.

Esplai Life
August 16, 2018 App Interview

Eduard talked about Esplais and his experiences in there.

Purdue University 1941

Faye begins by sharing what it was like to begin as a student at Purdue University during WWII. Interviewer goes on to ask about meeting her husband. Closing with when she was the happiest and who influenced her most in...

Life lessons

My sister didn’t have the perfect life but who’s has

Mom Interview Assignment

Here, I interview my mom about what she believes are the positive and negative of the current government in America.

Celeste Ponce and Estela Sanchez

Today I questioned my grandma about her life in America, coming from Mexicali. We talked about what she would do different about her life, and what she would want from her family after her passing.

Yanil Espinobarros and her mom talking about her family, present day and her journey to the U.S

In this interview, conducted in September 26,2018 in Bronx, New York, Yanil interviewed her mother, Benny Ramirez about her grandparents and the lessons she learned. She also talked about how her parents and siblings were growing up and how young...