HI360 Thanksgiving Oral History Interview

I talk to my grandfather about what life was like living and working on a farm in the 1960s.

Eric Fitzgerald and Natasha Skelton

Eric Fitzgerald (59) shares a conversation with mentee Natasha Skelton (39) about the importance of conservation education and being brave enough to jump into the mud.

KS FFA Project 2028 – Bob Edwards

In this interview, Bob Edwards discussed his memories from FFA and agricultural education. Bob was an FFA member from 1944 to 1948 in the Emporia FFA Chapter.

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma Routh

This interview was a discussion with my Great Grandmother, Lula Mae Routh, about Thanksgiving and life on the farm. The interview shows how both Thanksgiving and agriculture have changed over time.

Keke Phooko and Bridget Lynch

Friends Keke Phooko (34) and Bridget Lynch (21) discuss their shared experiences as volunteers for Innisfree Village and migrants to the United States.

Agricultural History

Talked about how Agriculture has changed throughout time.

Charles Rial and Thomas Power

Charles Rial (68) interviews his friend and colleague Thomas Power (80) about Thomas' involvement in the development of the Bass Creek Commune in Montana.

Interview with Grandpa

In my interview I ask my grandpa many questions about his life. Some of the questions I asked him included his life growing up,how him and grandma met, about my dad and how he was as a child. We also...

HI360 Thanksgiving Interview with my father

This was a quick story about my father side of the family. We talk mostly about their history of farming.

Thanksgiving Interview

Interviewed my Nana about her old family farm

What Was The Most Influential Event In Your Life?
November 27, 2021 App Interview

We spoke about her transition of majors in college that brought her to the job she has today.


Discussed several topics relating to past, current, and the future of agriculture.

Thanksgiving Report

We talked about her family history with agriculture and how her major ties into food science

Lance Hollweg and the History of Armada Grain Company

The Armada Grain Company owned talked about the history of his business and how it's changed over the years.

HI 360 Thanksgiving Oral Interview

A little over a fifteen minute interview with my Papaw, my grandpa on my father’s side of the family, about his agricultural career from his childhood all the way up until present day in the afternoon on Saturday November 30th...

An interview with my father John Pack

My dad and I talk about food and agriculture throughout his lifetime

Mary Collins and Lindsay Myron

Mary Collins (68) speaks with her first-cousin-once-removed-in-law, Lindsay Myron (31), about her family farm, being an archeologist, and what it was like to participate in the repatriation of native artifacts and remains back to the communities where they belonged.

AP Human Geography 2nd Term Project

This is a recording of myself interviewing my loving father. In this, he talks about his influences, childhood, hobbies, and family. I think it is very interesting to learn more about him and things he has to say.

Dads Interview

Questions from how/ where my dad grew up, to family history, I sit down and talk with my dad about his life and background!