Eastern NC Farming

Within this interview, my grandfather and I talked about his life growing up and connection to agriculture, especially tobacco.

Thanksgiving Interview

A brief interview with my dad discussing agriculture in our family. We talk about agriculture in his childhood and how it compares to today, beekeeping in the past and present, gardening in our family, and his time as head grower...

Kim Moriyama and Charles Minkler
September 9, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kim Moriyama (54) and Charles "Charly" Minkler (66) talk about their upbringing, political beliefs and their struggles as outsiders.

HI 360 Ag. Interview

An interview with my dad about his grandfather - who owned a plant nursery. (Picutred: my dad on the left, his grandparents on the right.)

Thanksgiving Interview

Ag history interview with my grandmother, Elizabeth Morris.

“What gets my juices flowing is connecting the science to an actual mission.” an interview with Brad Doorn

Brad Doorn’s, Water Resources and Agriculture Applied Science Program NASA, work includes forecasting the global food supply, including warnings and predictions about possible problems that might arise due to water supply shortages which can inform global market prices. While the...

Derick McGhee and Gregory Lakin

One Small Step partners Derick McGhee (35) and Gregory Lakin (63) share a conversation about their work, their faith, and their community. They discuss issues prevalent to rural Kansas such as addiction, isolation, and climate change.

Lawrence Fox and Shelley Chambers-Fox

On his birthday, Lawrence "Larry" Fox (65) talks with his wife Shelley Chambers-Fox (68) and recalls his career in academia and transitioning into dairy sciences education and specialization. He also recalls his family's ancestry and how it connects to his...

Jenn Collins and Brad Barnes

Spouses Jenn Collins (48) and Brad Barnes (51) sit down for a conversation about their lifestyle as small scale farmers. They discuss their simple living ethos and their favorite parts of farming, as well as the importance of community gardens...

Randy White and Ryan Jacobsen

One Small Step conversation partners Randy White (65) and Ryan Jacobsen (42) talk about the importance of community engagement and their commitment to both urban and rural Fresno.

Thanksgiving Interview With Grandma Routh

This is an interview with Lula Mae Routh, my great grandmother. She is 94 years old and she has been both a dairy and produce farmer during her lifetime. Her interview describes Thanksgiving and agriculture during her life.

Richard Dobbins and Sherry Williams

Richard Dobbins Jr. (70) tells friend and colleague Sherry Williams (58) about growing up in Bronzeville, Chicago, and being in the Navy during the later '60s, early '70s.

Ag History

Talking with Granny about her own family farm, as will as my Grandpa’s Farm which I grew up on.

Annie Stafford and Michael Hentges

Friends Annie Stafford (72) and Michael Hentges (73) recall their time together at Innisfree Village and reflect on the lessons and values they gained from their experience.

Nature and Diversity

I sat down with my friend Cesar about his experience on a wildlife science internship before he graduated and looked into his perspective, advice, and life regarding aspects of the field and the importance of nature in our lives.

Eastern Montana Life

Katrina Johnson shares memories from growing up on a ranch and her job as a soil conservationist.

Climate change

For this interview I asked my aunt about her feelings on climate change, how the effects are different all around the world, and her thoughts on climate change in the future.

Cory Guilliams and Mike Phillips

Coworkers and friends Cory Guilliams (41) and Mike Phillips (62) talk about agriculture, the farming industry, and innovative changes they are implementing for positive agricultural development.

Aziza Longi and Dave Norford

[Recorded Friday, April 8, 2022] Aziza (23) and Dave (62) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Aziza is a graduate student at UVA studying urban planning, and Dave is a farmer from Albemarle County. The two bond...

Agriculture through the years

An interview with my parents, Scot and Gina Brown, about Thanksgiving and their involvement with agriculture.

Rothacker Smith and William Hampton

WWII POW, Dr. Rothacker Smith, "Doc Rock," and William Hampton (53) have a conversation about Doc Rock's career as an agricultural professor in Huntsville and being captured by Austrian militia during WWII.