Learning about my parents

Talking to my parents about questions I always wanted to ask, like how they met

A mom of 4 kids with autism

My mom shares some aspects about raising 4 autistic kids around 5 years of each other.

'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it for me!'

I interviewed Jeremy Beal, 32 years old, I met him when he was a guest worship leader at my church. We spoke about his life growing up in Massachusetts and his passion for Autistic children.

The Love We Harbor
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview I ask my father few questions about his life in general. He tells me about dealing with his autism, his family, a few valuable memories, and his journey from Yugoslavia to the U.S. today.

Behavioral Analysis with Tom Damico

This is an interview with behavioral therapist Thomas Damico.

Susan Haskell and Rachel Green

One Small step partners Susan Haskell (76) and Rachel Green (41) confide in each other about mental illness and abuse, relate over their political concerns, and note what they are grateful for.

Maggie Wilcox and Gala Korniyenko

Gala Korniyenko, a PhD student at The Ohio State University gives advice to Maggie Wilcox, a first year Master's Student at The University of Kansas, on community building and engagement, urban planning, international development, and life in general.

“You have to be true to yourself in order to be true to your children.”

Mike became a dad at a crucial moment in the life of baby Aaron. When a family member who had just had a baby was in jail and could no longer care for her baby -- Mike got a call...

Dawn Kaiser and Cain Kaiser

Dawn Kaiser (53) and her son Cain Kaiser (16) talk about the happiest and proudest moments in their lives, the story of Dawn's pregnancy with Cain, favorite childhood memories, and what they love and appreciate about each other. Though they...

My role model

I have known mrs lynch my whole life. She was able to raise four daughters one of them was one of the first people to be diagnosed with autism

Kimberly Bernard and Darwensi Clark

Darwensi Clark (42) speaks to writer, organizer, activist, and mother Kimberly Bernard (31) on her involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jan Potter and Kathleen Asher

One Small Step conversation partners Jan Potter (73) and Kathleen Asher (49) talk about politics and how it affected their personal life.

Talk about you

I ask my mom about her life and what she thinks about it.

Growing Up With Aspergers

16 year old Emma talks with her parents about what it was like to raise a child on the autism spectrum. Tune in to the time stamp 25:15 for a heartwarming exchange of "I love you"s or the time stamp...

Working in Autism

Interview with my wife, Jordyn, on her work in autism. There are challenges and successes and I wanted to point those out.

Interview with my Teenage Brother

My name is Adriana Jenkins (21) and I sat down with my youngest brother AJ (15), to talk a little a bit about himself. He is Autistic and has a hard time being social and he doesn’t really enjoy sitting...

Interview with bestie

Me (17) is having a interview with Connor Partain (17) over simple things in life such as school or hobbies (ignore the fact I put 16 in my interview my brain decided to go BRRBRBRBRBRB). Two autistic fellows interview for...

Conversation with an autistic metalhead.

This interview takes place with my manager Zane, who was diagnosed with ASD when he was in 4th grade. He dropped out of school when he was in highschool, and during the interview we discuss how and why everything occurred...

The Caspian Sea to Santa Monica

In this touching interview, directed in December of 2019 in Santa Monica, California, Sophie Salem (15) interviews her father, Morris Salem about his one of a kind childhood. Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Morris had to deal with the struggles...

Terence Golston and Cece Golston

Terence Golston: 2020-06-17 18:36:57 Today, Terence Golston (22) interviewed my half-brother Vincent Ceaphus "CeCe" Golston (33). We talked about his childhood, career, dealing with COVID-19, Police riots, our Grandparents and family. (Terence, the interviewer, has autism.)