Arriving in Saugerties as a single parent with 3 kids in the 70's, Joan Reinmuth found herself in unknown territory with 2 acres of land and a house with no insulation. Supported by a community, she developed the philosophy of...

Steve Desroches and William Mullin

Steve Desroches (47) and William Mullin (52) talk about comedy and in particular Mullin's experiences in improv comedy and as a stand up comic.

Interview with Cristy

Interview with Cristy. Talking about life, kids, growing up, and a lot of funny moments

Steve Desroches and Brent Daly

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Brent Daly about his work as a stand up comic and the character of Anne Hutchinson he created, inspired by a real historical figure, and the walking tours of Provincetown, Massachusetts he does as her.

Job Career
January 13, 2023 App Interview

Talking about her job history. Where and when she worked. Wonder stories.

MJ Gude and Divida Gude

Divida Gude (74) has a conversation with her daughter MJ "Joy" Gude (55) to celebrate Joy's recent birthday.

Having A Voice

John had everything, but due to terrible circumstances he became homeless. One of those awful events was a fight against throat cancer, which left him unable to talk. With the help of a friend and a sense of humor, John...

My Fathers Journey

My father and I got the chance to really sit down and speak a little about his experience coming to the United States . There were many things I learned about what it was like when my father first came...

Steve Desroches and Kristen Becker

Steve Desroches (47) and Kristen Becker (45) discuss Becker's career as a stand up comic including touring the South with Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, as well as her childhood spent in both the North...

Diane Reda-West and Michelle Tarantino

Friends Diane Reda-West (61) and Michelle Tarantino (50) share a conversation about their friendship. They discuss how they first met, their experiences together, and their families.

Greg Schwem and Dylan Carnes

Greg Schwem (57) is interviewed by his new friend Dylan Carnes (24) about his journey as a stand-up comedian after working as a TV journalist, the corporate world of comedy, his favorite audiences, and his latest projects.

Steve Desroches and Julie Wheeler

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Julie Wheeler (58) about her life as a musician, comedian and drag king as well as life in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Ian Pliske and Clinton McGuire

Clinton "Clint" McGuire (55) talks with friend and former University of South Carolina classmate Ian Pilske (47) about how Ian got started studying theatre.

Dedric Jones and Warren Booker

Friends, Dedric Jones (41) and Warren Booker (39), share a conversation about artistry and following your faith to achieve your dreams.