John Paul Dineen and Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett (59) interviews John Paul Dineen III (39) about how he started his own farm. He talks about learning how to farm, his family, his son's death on the farm, and what he is proud of.

Johnnie Diacon and Nikki Stephens Diacon

Nikki Stephens Diacon (53) interviews her husband, Johnnie Diacon (59), about his childhood, his art, and his connection to Muscogee culture. They also discuss their family's future, remember their two daughters who have passed away, and share their love for...

John Douglas Davila, Peter Couture, and Wilma Norton

Long-lost brothers, John "Douglas" Davila (57) and Peter Couture (62), sit down with Peter's wife, Wilma Norton (59), to share the story of how they found one another and connected as brothers after growing up as only children with different...

Linda Ginzel and Nancy Cowles

Linda Ginzel (56) tells Nancy Cowles (56) how losing her 16month-old baby to a crib accident at a local daycare, inspired her to start her own organization called Kids in Danger, an organization dedicated to protect children by improving the...

Magi Thomley Williams and Kathleen Logan

Magi Thomley Williams [no age given] interviews her friend and colleague, Kathleen Logan (79), about her family, her career, and the lessons that she has learned throughout her life.

Sontina Barnes and Reggie Barnes

Sontina Barnes (47) talks with her husband, Reggie Barnes (47), about her upbringing in Asheville, North Carolina, being raised in a military family and later joining the military herself. Together, Sontina and Reggie remember the experience of losing their second...

Service learning Interview with my grandma part 1

Well as talked about me and grandma talked about her life and our life spent as a family.Aswell as the good and bad times that faced our way.

Service Learning Project with my grandma part 2(continued information)

Well as talked about me and my grandma talked about her life and our life spent as a family.Aswell as the good and bad times that faced our way.

Harriet Weber and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend and colleague, Harriet Weber (65), about her experience becoming a "farm wife" in Quincy Valley and about her passion for community history.

Michael Ayers Auricchio – Life In a Nutshell

My Grandpa (we call him Bigga) spoke to me about his wife, children, and the losses he experienced to get to where he is today. (Note: any time he says “your mother,” he means my Grammie. He doesn’t remember who...

Eric Miller and Scott Acord

Eric Miller shares with Scott Acord the heartbreaking story of losing his young son and the ways in which it shaped his career and life