Captain Cullen; Thanksgiving 2017

32 year veteran of the fire service discusses wildland fires, family, food and faith.

Vilonia High School: Interview

This is a interview about what it takes to be a firefighter and what my grandpa does for a living.

The Firefighting Dad!

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Junior at Egg Harbor Township HS, Niki Danz (17) interviews her dad Bill Danz (46) about his 27 years of being a firefighter. He shares his story...

The Life of a Firefighter and Dad

My dad, Rob, has been a firefighter and paramedic in Riverview, MI for 28 years and my dad for 22! These are some of his stories about his job and a little bit about his childhood and parenting.

Interviewing a First-Responder About Covid-19

I’ve just asked my dad a few questions about these rough times.

Fire Chief Exit Interview

Exit interview on the occasion of the retirement announcement of Fire Chief Doug Eggiman, Midway Fire Rescue. Pawleys Island, Sc

The Chaplain during the pandemic

Today I speak with police, fire and FBI chaplain about how he got to his position and what his job looks like. We also drift into the spiritual and how it applies to his work.

My pap as a fire chief.

My Pap will be taking about his life as a child and how he became a fire chief.

My dad and all his careers

A story of all the jobs that my dad had had over the years. As well as all the lessons he has learned through the years. Listen to minutes 7 to 10.

My dad

Interviewing my dad, who shows integrity, wisdom, and courage.

Fighting Fires

My grandpa talks about his experiences and lessons from being a firefighter.

Truth of a First Responder

Diving into the world of a first responder. Learning the truth, hearing stories, and seeing development from firefighter Deputy Chief Richard Griffin.

My Stepfather’s time in fire service

Michael Koonce’s service in the fire department and how it impacted him later in life

A Great firefighter of a grandfather

my grandfather whom I call Papa, was a firefighter and had some crazy adventures when he was doing that. I learned a lot about him and I hope that you can pull the same lesson that I did from this

Michael Robinson and Andrea Jones

Friends and former colleagues Michael Robinson (63) and Andrea Jones (60) reflect on their time working together at the Tallahassee Fire Department.

That’s My Bestfriend!!!

This interview was held in Columbia City’s very own City Hall. The interview was done by Chloe Temple (17) and she interviewed her friend Collin (17) about his job as a firefighter.