My mom and I just have a sweet talk about her life. She gives me some insight and talks about the paths in her life that lead her to where she is now. Learned a lot of new things about...

My Mimi and I

My interview was about my grandmothers past and how her life was growing up and the few struggles and bumps she had along the way and how she bounced back from them

Exercise science major

How she ended up on exercise science.

My Dad’s Story

I interviewed my Jerome Bonner, who is my dad. In this interview, we spoke about some of his favorite memories and about and how he wished for me to grow up. We talked about important lessons he has learned in...

The impact of morning light on the sailing world
January 24, 2019 App Interview

Roy Disney worked on a movie called Morning Light where they took kids who had never sailed before and trained them for months so they could sail in one of the toughest races in the world of sailing, the transpac....

Bonding with my Dad

In this interview I bonded with my dad through discussing about his life and his accomplishments.

Learning more about Brock

I learned more about Brock during this interview. Questions were asked that I would have never asked before.

Interview of Mehran Farhadi

The interview of Mehran Farhadi(63) conducted by his son Evan Farhadi(16) and his journey as an Iranian and an American.

College Friends

This is a conversation with three college best friends. We discuss our friendship as well as who we are professionally and personally.

Oral comm

General things about my fathers life

Interview with Aunt Judy

We talked about mainly her childhood and her favorite memories and stories that took place throughout her life time. My aunt also spoke mainly of the lessons she learned and how she grew as a person through the many things...

Maternal Influence Interview

An authentic interview with my mother about the joy and heartache that comes with being a women, mother and everything in between.

A fathers journey

A man had to go through the struggles to change his mindset. For his kids, siblings, and the people he loved. “The greatest accomplishment in my life are my children.”

Love Unlike Any Other…

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 in New Albany, IN. An insight of what is it like being a parent and the magic of what having children is like. Alex Ryan shares about the birth of his son, how much he loves...

“It’s a Totally Different World”

We discuss childhood, friendships, and love. It's funny how the crazier parts of the interview happened when the recording stopped

Asking my mother about her childhood

I asked my mom some questions about her childhood and learned some things that I never knew. She had some rough times as a child. As I live with her today I can see how much she’s grown since she...

flinty new england woman
February 14, 2023 App Interview

friendship, pivotal moments, trust, values, prescott

Sofi’s Interview

This is an interview with a family friend about family, past events, memories, and more. My friend opened up and discussed our growing relationship.

Seyi Falade and Christopher Falade

Seyi Falade (40) shares a conversation with her father, Christopher Falade (70), about their relationship, the beginning of their business, how their relationship has changed as a result of working together, and how their business has grown.

Douglas Parr

My dad's life and how its different from mine.