Cale Green and Matthew Mulhelm

One Small Step conversation partners Cale Green (31) and Mathew Mulhelm (39) discuss influential moments in their lives, their political values, and pressing issues in Alaska.

8,044 miles from home

Kyle Yeung, son of Chiu Yeung, interviews his father to learn more about his childhood and what the process was like moving from Hong Kong to New York at the age of 17 with three sisters. In this interview, Chiu...

Kim Lewallen and Susan Rapp-von der Lippe

Friends Kim Lewallen (54) and Susan Rapp-von der Lippe (55) share memories of how they started swimming and eventually started competing at the Olympic level. They also discuss how they have continued swimming competitively.


We talked about Identity and Faith.

Jenny and Brandon Booker

Jenny Booker (3) talks to her son Brandon Booker (33) about how her toughest moment shaped her identity.

Frances and Ellie Leiter: A Conversation about Being Biracial

Eleanor Leiter (16) talks with her twin sister Frances leiter (16) about what it is like living as a biracial person. This interview also covers the kind of identity Frances feels being half white and half taiwanese.

Bill Farrell and Juhi Desai

[Recorded: January 5, 2022] Bill Farrell (70) and Juhi Desai (28) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Juhi is a current UVA Law student working towards a career as a public defender. Bill underwent...

Delaitre Jordan Hollinger and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins

Friends, colleagues, and partners in "good trouble," Delaitre Jordan Hollinger [no age given] and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins (64), sit down for a conversation about their family history, their current projects, and the importance of preserving African American history.

Sense of Place

An interview with my dad (Jason Takushi) on his sense of place.

“Person with a Purpose”

During Thanksgiving, Jeffrey interviewed his mother, Corinna. Throughout the discussion, Jeffrey ask questions about her identity such as her childhood that made her the person she is today. To add on, Corinna also discusses a few life lessons and experiences...

Erin tells how she came to have such long hair…

Erin tells the tales of her traumatic childhood hair events that lead to her having such long hair, the changes her hair has under gone, and how she sees hair as a big part of her identity through her photography...

Amanda Stone, Natalie [No name given], and Tanya Smith-Sreen

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Amanda Stone (30), Natalie [No name given] (33) and Tanya Smith-Sreen (25) share about their Peace Corps Guatemala experience. They talk about some of the challenges they faced as Peace Corps Volunteers as well as what...

The Journey From Boy-Bands To Heavy Metal

I interviewed my sister Rachel talking about how her music changed with and contributed to developing her identity.

Gender continuum talk over coffee

This interview is a casual talk about genders and how most of us can relate to having both masculine and feminine qualities throughout our lifetimes. The basis from which this conversation is directed is an article used in my Family...

Voice and Identity Interview

My mother’s identity and one of her stories

African American Identity in America

A conversation with my friend who is 1/4 African American. We talk about her identity, how the Black Lives Matter movement has affected her view on her heritage and the overall racial injustice in America.

Jennifer Torres and Gloria Cortes

(Spanish) my mom talks about how she started studying again because it was a big opportunity she got here than her country she was born in.