Telling HERstory Podcast Bonus Episode: In Her Own Words

An excerpt from a recently rediscovered recording from December 25, 2008, where Mrs. Rosa T. Beard (1919-2010) shared in her own words, how she ended up pursuing her Master’s degree at Columbia University.

Gracie Burgess and Cole Johnston

Proud Army BRAT and military community advocate Gracie Burgess (21) speaks with conversation partner Cole Johnston (26) about her childhood, an incident during deployment that led to her father's disability, her value of resilience, and her hopes for the future.

Sean DeArmond and Sarah DeArmond

Sean DeArmond (51) and his wife Sarah DeArmond (37) have a conversation about the non-profit they created ("Voiceless Behind Bars") to help raise awareness of, and pay legal fees for, those in prison who have been wrongfully convicted.

Political Awareness- Podcast

In this Podcast in a group we choose to speak about a specific barrier about why political awarness is important to others. Each of us describe facts and personal events that has happened to us concerning the barrier and express...


I interviewed my high school friend Temitope Obembe. We talked about her upbringings in Nigeria. She is used to change as she has moved multiple times to different countries and communities in her life.

Yasmeen Kadouh and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with new friend, Yasmeen Kadouh (25), about her podcast, Dearborn Girl, which encourages self-empowerment for Arab and/or Muslim women through storytelling.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 12: Lessons from HERstory

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, recaps highlights from the Telling HERstory Podcast's first year and shares a few lessons that she has learned from HERstory during this podcasting journey.

William Howard Taft

We are here today to interview the 27th President of the United States, William Howard Taft. We chose Taft because he is the only person to have ever served as both President and Chief of Justice.

Christopher Wyant and Sivan Ryabinky

One Small Step conversation partners Christopher "Chris" Wyant (41) and Sivan Ryabinky (24) discussed about politics.

Jonathan Zelinger and Jeremy Zelinger

Brothers Jonathon Zelinger (27) and Jeremy Zelinger (32) talk about childhood, marriage, parenthood, podcasts, and making the days count.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview for class, called the great thanksgiving listen.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 9: Two Peas in a Pod

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Mrs. Deidre Brown Collins, former Debutante (1991) of the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 8: Lasting Legacy

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Mrs. Valorie Tillman Davis, former student of Rosa T. Beard and a founding member of the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club in 1963.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 11: The Brotherhood

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Mr. Baker Rouseau, a former Escort for the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club and the 2020 Mr. Escort winner.

Kimberly Kabak Epperson and Shavanna Spratt

Kimberly Kabak Epperson [no age given] and Shavanna Latrice Spratt (34) talk about motherhood and navigating their interracial friendship as a white woman and a Black woman.