Interviewing My Mother

My name is Adrian Tavarez, age 17. Today I was interviewing my mother who I hold so dear to me.I chose my mother cause I was really curious about her childhood and the emotions she had felt back then.I was...

“How my moms strength shaped my life.”

Peggy Holmes describes how her mothers strength raising 7 children by herself proved to be influential in her life.

Interview with my mother about experiences growing up in the Soviet Union

I interviewed my mother, who is a Ukrainian immigrant from the Soviet Union. Topics discussed included her experience transitioning to American life and Soviet culture

Raymond Lakes and Yolanda Lakes

Yolanda Lakes (50) sits down with her father, Raymond "Ray" Lakes (72), to ask about his upbringing in Columbus, GA and the world events, as well as personal experiences, that have shaped his current worldview.

Remember josefina

In this interview we talked about the life in mexico and how it was coming to the u.s for the first time. In this interview my grandma tells me about the hard life of bein Poor.

Wally Long and James Sweeney

One Small Step partners James Sweeney (69) and Wally Long (63) discuss their community work, their mutual belief that the right to vote is "sacred," and why face-to-face conversations are so important.

Christian Diance & Scott Acord

Christian wanted to be a nurse from an early age after watching his immigrant mother get her nursing degree and help lift the family out of poverty. He also talks about his work with Stop the Bleed.

Anita Stoudmire and Kathleen Van Riesen

One Small Step partners Anita Stoudmire (55) and Kathleen Van Riesen (74) discuss the "loneliness epidemic," free speech, and their opinions about transgender youth.

“I’m a changed woman as far as my feelings about poverty”: Susan on her role as Wayne Township Trustee

Susan Isaacs, the Wayne Township Trustee and community organizer, talks with Alison about her early years of success, life's ups and downs, and how she approaches the unique role of caretaker in the trustee's office.

98 years ago …

My grandmother and I talk about her past from the 1920s to present. We talk about the second world war and how that affected her life as well as how her family managed as immigrants.

Ashley Choker and Melody Woods

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her colleague, Melody Woods (43), about her upbringing, her experience as a troubled teen struggling with substance abuse and the law, and her eventual recovery. Note: This recording has in-depth descriptions of substance abuse and domestic...

Lisa Snyder and Heather Stocker

One Small Step partners Lisa Snyder (69) and Heather Stocker (48) discuss mental health, autism, and their concerns about their own political parties.

Charles Smoke and Jerome Shannon

Jerome Shannon (66) and his husband, Charles Smoke (69), sit down for a conversation about moving from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, the organizations that they are involved with in Pensacola, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives...

My Mother, Aida Orio

A story about the past & the present told through a mother, Aida Orio, and the difficulties she's faced throughout her life. As a family of seven in the rural areas of the Philippines, she thoroughly speaks about her experiences...

Channon Mondoux and Jodi Michaels

Channon Mondoux [no age given] and Jodi Michaels [no age given] come together to talk about Canadiana Fest, a festival that Channon is putting on in October 2023 to celebrate Canadian culture ( Channon also reflects on the experiences that...

Alex Ortiz and Carlos Lopez: An Interview about Being Latino and LGBT.

Alex Ortiz (20) talks to his cousin Carlos Lopez (21) about growing up in a Latino household while struggling to come out to his family about his sexuality. Carlos Lopez (21) has also talked about the issues his family has...

Interview with Father

I interviewed my father about what he is most grateful for as well as his past growing up in a poor city and how it impacted him.