Randall Cannon

This is an interview I did with my Pa! He told some very funny stories, and told me about some of the most important people in his life. Some of these I’ve never heard!

Beth Papatones Wheland and Jan Papatones Crowley

Sisters Beth Papatones Wheland (66) and Jan Papatones Crowley (69) talk about Beth's time in the Marine Corps and its impact on her as a person.

Betty Hockett and Steve Hockett

Steve Hockett and his mother Betty, age 90 who is on Providence hospice share family recollections of Betty's many missionary trips overseas to developing countries and the influence in her early life of reading and how being a prolific writer...

"Speak the truth in love is not the worst advice…" – Ben Brazil shares stories of travel, writing, politics and the people of Richmond, IN

If you struggle with the current political climate (especially the public discourse), take a listen to Ben's interview. Learn about his early life, his path to Richmond, religion, and his career/projects. He also talks about the way he navigates current...

“We need to celebrate those things that are good and positive” – Shaun on his family’s local history and the role art plays in our community

Shaun Dingwerth, Director of Richmond Art Museum, talks with Alison about the way art has shaped and continues to shape our history and culture in Richmond and Wayne County. His relatives were among the first settlers in the area and...