“I don’t feel a sense of pride for America.”

Recorded on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Visual artist, Beau McCall and interdisciplinary artist, Autumn Kioti discuss growing up in America, the PussyHat Project, politics, and racism. About "The Conversation" Who gets to have a seat at the table in America?...


Jacquelyn Tran discuss how race influences her life and how she uses it to discuss it with her family and how she’ll use it to help others on the future.

Open Conversations to End Racism in America: James Brown

James Brown is an American man born of bi racial parents and raised in Missouri, where he attended an all white high school. Inspired by a fellow student who believed in him when he was in 9th grade, he started...

Norman Hatter and Steve McCutchan

Friends Norman Hatter (79) and Steven McCutchan (80) discuss meeting civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr., and Stokely Carmichael. They talk about guiding their churches through racism and racial equity as they both have served different types of Christian...

Bob Pearson and Carlos Rodriguez

[Recorded: Friday, November 19th, 2021] Bob Pearson (70) and Carlos Rodriguez (20) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Bob is an Air Force veteran and Carlos is a second-year student at UVA. Bob grew up in a...

Life of Koshie

An interview with Koshie reveals her thoughts about healthcare and early life growing up being African American.

Tyler Cherry and Joyce Lanning

One Small Step partners Tyler Cherry (23) and Joyce Lanning (78) discuss growing up in Alabama, religion/spirituality, and their college experiences.

A Father, His Daughter, and His Response as to Why He Chose the Navy.

This interview occurred on January 9th, 2020, in Flint, Michigan. Ja Karra Nelson (16, Sophomore in high school) will be interviewing her father Greg Nelson (63, single parent) about several different topics. In the beginning they discussed how life was...

James Harold and Montgomery Mewers

James Harold (60) and his One Small Step partner Montgomery Mewers (53) discuss living in various parts of the United States, the weaknesses of the current American political system, and impactful childhood experiences and relationships that inform their politics.

Success – No Matter of Color

Skating down the hill on four tiny rolls with 50 mph while touching the ground with his head. That's Kent (42), a South African person from Capetown telling his unstoppable way to success which started 28 years ago.

Karla With a K and Lucinda Whitehurst

Karla with a K (64) and Lucinda Whitehurst (58) talk in their One Small Step conversation about racism in Virginia, the impact that slavery has had on the U.S. historically, and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jessica W. interviews Anonymous about America in a Kenyan’s Perspective.

In this interview conducted on April 2021 in a house in Chicago Illinois, anonymous and interviewer sit down to talk about topics related to America and anonymous’ different experience in this country (both good and bad) and the lessons to...

Trincella Ann Bonnet and Tina Bingham

Tina Bingham (41) speaks with her mother, Trincella Ann Bonnet (64), about Tina's childhood and her hopes for the future.

Experiences with Social Injustices as a Woman of Color

In this interview, religious studies professor at the University of Texas at El Paso Cemelli de Aztlan details her experiences with racism and sexism in higher education and in life.

Arvis’ Story

Arvis’s story of being the first Black man in arkansas baseball. What got him to baseball. what his struggles where after getting on the team. his journey to opening doors started in 1974.

Apush interview

Me talking with my mom about her upbringing and her family’s impact on the world

Honors English 2 Project

We talked about how we should view others as people the effect parents have on their children, and what my mothers child hood was like regarding racism

“It made me a stronger woman.”

Leslie shared her partake on social injustices that she faced in her life.