Steve Desroches and Kristen Becker

Steve Desroches (47) and Kristen Becker (45) discuss Becker's career as a stand up comic including touring the South with Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, as well as her childhood spent in both the North...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My 66 year old grandmother and 70 year old great aunt talking about the race relations in their childhood.


Allie and I talk about race on campus, her life growing up, and possible solutions

My great grandfather

An interview with my great grandfather

Color of my Skin

In this interview, Dr. Míreles Toumayan recounts a time she expirenced racism. She also describes her hopes for the future.

Politics and Discrimination
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Anna talks about her opinions on politics and issues, as well as racism.

The Impact of the Election of Barack Obama on a Black Man.

In this video, I interview my dad about racism in America and how the Election of Barack Obama affected him as a black man.

Anti-Racism Interview

My mom and I have a conversation about our own journeys with recognizing racism in American society and our transitioning to pursuing anti-racist action.

Tarik Mahdi and Yusuf Al-Rahman

Tarik Mahdi (36) and friend Yusuf Al-Rahman (41) exchange stories about the micro-aggressions they dealt with being a black Muslim and experiences where the challenged the ignorance around them.

Kaitlyn Duncan and Harriet Robinson

Our interview ranged from discrimination of African Americans to religion. Listen to this interview for an inside look at the life of a very inspiring woman.

Interviewing my grandma

We talk about her life what’s it was liking growing up with racism and segregation an

Julia Fabris McBride and Jeffery Gaines

One Small Step conversation partners Julia Fabris McBride (60) and Jeff Gaines (50) talk about LGBT issues, race, being different, and the military.

Paula Siegel and Terry Hutchison

One Small Step partners Paula Siegel (69) and Terry Hutchison (82) share a conversation about their families, the most influential people in their lives, their work, and their hopes and concerns for the future.

Immigrating to the U.S.
October 4, 2022 App Interview

Today, I spoke with 16 year old Camilla Achando about her journey coming to the U.S.. We discussed some of the obstacles she faced and hardships she went through. This all contributed to the leading question… was it worth it?

Interviewing my mother Tracy Chen for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We begin with my mother's childhood, then her career in PR before meeting my father, their relationship, struggles in having Jiming (my brother), as well as me and my younger sister Kelly, and her experience(s) immigrating to the US.

Life Through The Decades

Listen as we take a blast into the past with Mr.James Williams Jr, a man who has lived over 7 decades!

Interview Project Mrs. Dunn’s class

I interview my brother on his opinions about the problems with American society.

Growing Up and Raising a Biracial Family in Sonoma County

My Granny talks about dealing with racism when growing up and raising a biracial family in Sonoma County.