Sheri Mischke and Lee Abbott

Lee Abbott (41) and his aunt Sheri Mischke (57) reflect on reconnecting after 25 years apart.

Kristina Inman and Melanie Miller

Kristina Inman (35) shares a conversation with her biological mother, Melanie Miller (57), about reconnecting later in life through direct-to-consumer genetic testing. They talk about what led Kristina to look for her biological parents and also about the process of...

Linda Cyr-Sullivan and John Sullivan

Spouses, Linda Cyr-Sullivan (73) and John Sullivan (75), share a conversation about reconnecting after almost fifty years apart. They also talk about religion and Buddhism.

Reconnecting with my cousin!

Cousins Adanna (14) and Amara (17) talk about their quarantine experience and how it's changed their views on life. 2020-05-07 19:56:02

Todd Mackey and Elizabeth Buckley

Significant others Todd Mackey (39) and Elizabeth Buckley (40) share a conversation about their earliest memories of meeting each other and about coming back into contact later in life. They also talk about their relationship, falling in love during the...

Paul Baresel and Mat Robedee

Paul Baresel (69) tells his son Mat Robedee (38) about his father's service as a sniper in World War II. Paul and Mat reflect on Paul's father's story of encountering and sheltering a young woman who had been tortured by...

Ted Brooks and Jeanne Ashley

High School sweethearts and current partners, Ted Brooks (64) and Jeanne Porter Ashley (65), speak about reconnecting recently after being separated by their parents as teenagers for being a mixed race couple.

Huey-Min Chuang and Mei-Yi Chen

Recently reconnected friends Huey-Min Chuang [no age given] and Mei-Yi Chen (51) share their childhood immigration and coming-of-age stories and what home means to them. They also talk about their current projects and what they hope for in their rekindled...