Joe Priore interviewing Joe Priore Sr. An Interview with Pop

My grandpop had a minor stroke 7 years ago, and then found out about a few other things that he ended up needing treatment on. It ended up being days spent in the hospital and multiple types of treatment needing...

Sally Baker and Brad Baker

Spouses, Sally Baker (42) and Brad Baker (41), share a conversation about the stroke that Sally had when she was thirty, the recovery process, their children, and their gratitude for one another.

Interview with My Dad, part 2

A three-month check-in with my Dad after he suffered a stroke in November, 2022. Hear about his health updates and how life has changed since returning home from the hospital.

Susan Miller-Josselyn and Keith Josselyn

Susan Miller-Josselyn (46) talks with her husband Keith Josselyn (51) about his upbringing and his relationship with his grandmother, Carol.

Arminda Perez and Libby Echeverria

Registered Nurse Arminda Perez (63) talks to her colleague Libby Echeverria (41) about how she got her current position and what she hopes everyone can learn about homelessness.

Asking my mom about her stroke
January 12, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my mother about her stroke (it happened about 2 months ago.)

Laura Shannon and Beverly Golden

Laura Shannon (49) interviews her mother, Beverly Golden [no age given], about Beverly's grandmother, Jessie Thatcher Bost, who was the first woman to graduate from Oklahoma State University.

Grandma’s Life in 40ish Minutes – Kathleen & Noa Stoll

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oregon, Noa Stoll (16) interviews her grandma Kathleen Stoll (79) about her childhood, life as a mother, and other in depth details about her life. Kathleen shares stories about her husband, children,...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about his early childhood, work life, working in the military, and about life after his stroke.

My Stroke was God’s Blessing

A stroke survivor with aphasia talks to his wife about his perceived struggles and blessings. He hopes his story is an encouragement to others.

Interview With Mama

This is an interview with my mom, Robin Lancaster. She worked several years in the medical labs doing blood work, was an EMT for a good while, and is overall one of the strongest people I know. I love her...

Emma Cortes and Carmela Cortes

Emma Cortes (16) and her mother Carmela Cortes (47) discuss what it was like when Carmela had a stroke 9 years ago. Emma was freshly 8 years old when these events took place and Carmela was 39. They talk about...

Wilhelm Welzenbach and Johanna Bangeman

Wilhelm Welzenbach (46) interviews his mother, Johanna Bangeman (73), about her childhood memories on Wrangell Island in Alaska, her experience moving to Montana, the social change she experienced in the 1960s, and her teaching career.