Me and my advisor

Casual conversations between the student and his advisor

Shawn McInerney, Midland CEO, Discusses Midland History with Dr. Ed Scagliotta, Founder of The Midland School in NJ.

On July 20, 2017, Midland's current President & CEO, Shawn M. McInerney, interviewed Dr. Edward Scagliotta, Former Executive Director and Founder of The Midland School - a nonprofit School and specialized program for children and young adults with intellectual and...

Interview planning

Talked about his life and gave some wisdom feed back.


If the prosses was easy, how she felt, what she would change, if she will come back for her education

All about Eliana

Learning about Eliana’s life and what she likes most about school.

Student reflections on childhood before Thanksgiving.

Victor was remembering his time in Georgia and talks about how his life had changed.

Football and all the things that matter most

Damian talked about football, memories from third grade, and how he wants to be remembered.


NYFA photography students ask questions then compliment each other

"Can you tell me about someone you'll always remember?"

I (Caden Kang, age 14), sat down on Thanksgiving with my grandpa (Tom Kang, age 78), who shared stories about my great-uncle and himself in Korean, and my dad (Kenneth Kang, age 46), who translated the interview between us. My...

Advisor wisdom

The idea of valuing people for people, and the things that matter in life.

How to Start an Essay

It can be confusing when you think about how to start an essay, because there are so many different ways to go about doing it. This article gives you a few tips on how to make your essay an enjoyable...

A College Student’s Interview with her mom, a First Generation College Student

I interview my mom about her experience as a first generation college student, and how she went on to become a professor. We compare her experience to my experience as a current college student.

Eary College High School Experience

Fatima talks about how her high school shaped her into the person that she is today.

American Me

In this amateur interview taken by a senior from EPIC HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH in New York, you will hear their assistant principal talk about his story of his immigration to US and overall the idea of “American me”

John Olerud, MD sits down with dermatology faculty from the University of Washington to discuss clinical teaching

John Olerud (77) is interviewed by several dermatology faculty from the University of Washington to reflect on and discuss how he has created an enriching teaching environment over the years.

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Communications Student About the Corona Virus and the Rise of Friendly Marketing

A media student discusses the current state of affairs and her fears about how the advertising economy takes advantage of national crises.