StoryCorps Interview

I am interviewing my 49 pear old aunt. She was born and raised in Dominican Republic but has recently moved to the United States. Questions were asked in English, a list of the questions were provided in Spanish.

Technology Changes

Today I interviewed my mom to talk with her about her past experiences with technology, as well as how life was like for her without what we are used to having today, technology wise. We talked about things like cellphones...

Travis Lewis and his grandfather Walter Lewis discuss life growing up and the lessons learned through experiences.

In this interview, Travis Lewis (18) interviews his grandfather Walter Lewis about his life growing up and the experiences and lessons he had during his lifetime. Walter Lewis talks about the hard work he did all his life and the...

Progress & Paradox

This interview was aimed at trying to track progress from the 50s to the early 2000s.

APSUH Interview

I, Emmy Replogle, interview my grandmother, Barbra Gatchel, about her life in American when she was a kid. I used this information to compare to the average life of a teenager now a days. My grandmother and I discussed important...

Zack Gandolf’s Interview

I Interviewed my Dad because he is a huge inspiration in my life. I wanted to learn more about his life growing up. He has taught me how to be respectful and hardworking but also how to have a good...

Truman Martin US2
December 11, 2022 App Interview

This is an interview about the changes of technology from the 1980s-now. I, Truman Martin (age 19) interviewed my mother, Lenisa O’Dwyer (age 51) about the changes of technology since the 1980s.

Madeline Dodd talks to her sweet mom about her high school life growing up, her experience with 9/11, and more!
November 28, 2018 App Interview

My mother and I talked about her childhood, how different life was back then versus now, her experience in historical events, and more! We discussed also about my grandparents and great-grandfather; the events that they went through as well.

My Asian Dad

This is about his life and my life, and everything in between.

Stephany Powell and Eleanor Gaetan

Friends and colleagues Stephany Powell (64) and Eleanor Gaetan (60) talk about their respective roles in anti-trafficking work. Stephany reflects on how she came to understand trafficking during her time in the LAPD, and Eleanor discusses the increasing prevalence of...

Water your thoughts on data?

Three undergraduates from Olin College of Engineering discuss their experiences at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting. These students are on a team of 5, working to redesign the user experience of the HydroShare tool.

F451 interview with MOM

An interview on my moms childhood and the changes of technology.

Richard Munassi and Linda Olson

Richard Munassi (39) shares a conversation with his colleague Linda Olson (52) about the founding of Tampa Bay Wave, the work the organization does, and the future of the tech industry in Tampa.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, you’ll hear me speaking to my hundred year old great uncle, Tony Leto! Being that he is one hundred years of age, you’ll have to forgive him for missing a few details. Some things that he realized...

Times Are Changing: A Look Back on the Internet and Technology in the Media World

Johnny Bailey, born in 1963, takes a look on how viewing media and news sources has changed from his time growing up to now. He talks about how he feels technology has changed and will continue to change the media...

Comm 240 Interview

we talked about education and how technology is shaping higher education. Both as non traditional students we have seen a lot of change in a post pandemic world.

A Walk Through the Life of Randy Macht

This interview with Randy Macht, conducted by his daughter, takes a walk through his life and experiences. He details his childhood and family life, as well as talking about his gymnastics career and schooling. Mr. Macht tells stories of his...

Childhood in the 80’s

This is an interview of my dad’s life in California in the 1980’s

Is Technology for the kids ?

A discussion about technology and how it affects children.

technology from mother to child

I discuss technology and dig into my moms point of view.