Alexander Osmena’s interview with his older sister.

In this interview, we talked about her early life before I was born, and her school experiences that lead to her early adulthood.

The Life and Evolution Of Judy Garvey pt 1

In this interview I ask my grandmother questions about her life and how times have changed. We go over her falling in love, losing loved ones, her battle with cancer, how things are different from when she was a kid,...


A dear friend of vickys named Paulino Mercenari goes into depth with his opinion on relationships and herritage.

Daisy and Momo

Daisy and her dear senior school classmate Momo talked about their senior school life, happy childhood and college life.

Raising a child with autism

Janice Kern talks about the journey of one of her sons, Charlie, and how he was able to attend college after being diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.

The interview of Emily Adams

Two sisters sit down and speak about life, goals, and their affection for one another.

How to Heal with Aleta Mascorro

Brianna Lopez (20) talks with her close friend Aleta Mascorro (25) about her childhood, her story, and how intergenerational trauma affects the Latinx community.

Working Women w/ Bibi and Audrey

Former actress/lawyer, Reba Thomas, shares her personal experiences to Audrey (16) regarding her unusual career path and gives advice to future working mothers!

An Interview with a Good Friend

An interview with Manya Sinha (19), a close friend from college about her experiences at home in India, at Rutgers, and about her future.

Abi Barnett and Ryan Barnett

Spouses, Abi Barnett (25) and Ryan Barnett (43), share a conversation about their childhoods, how they met, their families, and the family they have started together.

Leah Marsh on the Difficulties of Not Fitting Societal Norms through High School/College.

I interview Leah Marsh who is a 20 year old girl who shared with me the story of going through high school without the opportunity of fully experiencing her sexuality and who she was as a person. She talked about...

Jackson’s Ideas on school and after

We talked about how he feels about high school and what do they believe their future will be like after school

Tianyu Hao and Minyu Zhang

Tianyu Hao (19) talks with her best friend Minyu Zhang(19) about her personal life in China.