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Boston ballet teacher

Élya jeshke is a teacher at Boston ballet school and is being interviewed by one of her students. They talk about why Élya falls in love with dance.

Jerton Evans Interview

This is a Interview with Jerton Evans, the director of Diversity and Inclusion, and assistant coach of the Women's Basketball team.

Interview with classmate

Asked my classmate Juan a few personal questions about his past that are essential to where he is today.

Laasya Karusala and Sirisha Kothapalli

Laasya Karusala: 2023-02-10 00:12:24 I am Laasya Karusala and I was interviewing my mom, Sirisha Kothapalli. She is 33 years old. We discussed how it it like living in Kansas compared to india and our lives here.

9/11 Disscussion

I Kaitlyn Sepulveda discussed with my mother Elizabeth Cruz about her experience during the tragic event on September 11, 2001.

About our memory

Cynthia and Lorraine talked about their memory

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang

Nathaniel Wang and Mr.Yang conducted an interview. Mr. Wanghas an interview with Mr. Yang. The two exchanged views on minimalism.

LHP Project

This is an interview I did with my mom. My mom moved from Poland while it was occupied by the USSR and she moved without knowing any English.

christele Valery’s interview

interviewed Sargent major in his office. he is my teacher and we discussed his personal life.

Who are my grandparents?

Sydney Joles (15) asked her mother, Cynthia Wray (52) what it was like to be adopted.

Staci Catron and Kate Daly

Colleagues Staci Catron (49) and Kate Daly (29) ask each other questions about their life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charlotte “Nammy” Taylor

Jenna Fisher, Lauren Martin, and Brandon Taylor interview their 85 year old grandmother. They grew up living next door to Nammy and Papa in Oklahoma. They ask her questions about hardship growing up in the panhandle of Oklahoma and turn...

Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.

Interview with my sister, Celine Rey

We talked about growing up in a multicultural family, school, life experiences, and what the future looks like.

A short look into the life of Dr. Samual M. Cohen.

In this interview we talked about what he does and what life as a child was like for him.

StoryCorps Narrative

In this interview I’m taking to a friend about how covid-19 has effected them. As well as how they feel about this current situation.

They kicked me out

a interview about my mom and how she grew up