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Wilma Owens and Melissa Owens

Wilma Jean Owens (77) talks with her daughter Melissa Owens (47) about her upbringing in rural Virginia, her mother's lifelong influence on her, and why she is an eternal optimist.

Salwa Muhammad and Ana Trandatir

Salwa Nur Muhammad (32) and Anan Trandatir (32) reflect on their college experience and the work they have pursued afterwards during their Wellesley College 10th reunion.

The Life of Ty

This interview was about just the overall life experiences of the subject.


How death is viewed in different cultures. How perception of death changes.

Good old days interview

This interview is about someone who lived back in the “good old days” and how they lived with what they had.

Thanksgiving listen

The conversation I had was about my moms life. I learned about who she is.

My best friend and his life

We talked about his proudest moments, his life regrets, and what he is more grateful.

Thanksgiving day interview

What my grandmother is greatful for

Interview with my Dad

This my interview with my dad. He’s 56 years of age.

english project

my mom telling her most memorable childhood experience

Talking with Manuel

Learning about Guamanian (Chamorro) culture.

Present but invisible.

Me as an older brother I’ve always felt disconnected with my sister. This is the opportunity I use to get to know her and how she is doing.

Creativity Grandma Barb

Me and my Grandma talked about how she was creative throughout her life.

English Assignment

Favorite memories and indelible marks

Interviewing my Grandparents

i interviewed my grandparents on my moms side. they grew up in pennslyvania in the rural area and are right sided. They shared with me their opinions about the events of their live time