John Coleman

In this interview, I talked with my dad, John Coleman. We recalled memories from his childhood and conversed about family.

Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my grandfather talked about his life, what he took from his service, and how his upbringing, and the people around him has changed him, and how he has unto them.

The interview of my grandma Betty Davis.

I conducted an interview of my Grandmother Betty Davis and she answered several questions about her life.

John Steinhauer and Matt Steinhauer

John Steinhauer (90) talks with his son, Matt Steinhauer (60), about having polio as a child and seeking treatment in Warm Springs, Georgia, where he met the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Pinholster Interview

In this interview my dad will y’all about his life how grateful he is.

Shaniah Williams and Amari Sanford

Shaniah Williams (21) and her wife Amari Sanford (21) talk about their relationship and their use of dating apps like Tinder.

A Look at the South by a Southerner Who Left / An Interview: Allen Peacock and Jennifer Peacock

Jennifer Peacock (46) and Allen Peacock (84) talk about growing up in the South and how race and racism affected all aspects of life.

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

Squak and Andrew
September 19, 2018 App Interview

Relationships childhood and family religion

Ruby Nell Interview Part II

We discussed her childhood and details about her past. We also discussed how she found her way to Arkansas and her life after leaving home.

Interview with my grandmother

We talked about her past and what she is grateful for throughout her life. She touched on her marriage and being raised by her grandparents.

Erika interviews Aixa
September 25, 2018 App Interview

we talked about Aixa’s life and how she grew up.

Retirement: a new chapter
December 16, 2020 App Interview

Ben Napier is a Air Force member interviewed David Cardona the day before he retires after 20 years of active duty service. Been discussed is why he joined the air Force, raising a family in the air Force, in the...

The Story of Joseph Miller
September 17, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed Joseph Miller who is the youngest in the family of 9. He tells about some of his favorite memories growing up.

Mike Ingram and Bryanna Thomas

Bryanna Thomas (22) talks with her grandfather, Mike Ingram (60), about his childhood, his work as a lineman, and his favorite times with his children and grandchildren.

Jonta Brickhouse and Nancy Zook

Jonta Brickhouse (18) talks to new acquaintance Nancy Zook (55) about graduating from high school and his future goals and interests.

Yvonne Bryant Johnson and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (60) has a conversation with fellow entrepreneur and Atlanta Business League member Yvonne Bryant Johnson (74). Yvonne says she loves her work and is having the time of her life.

Joel Arellano and Jennifer Arellano

I Interviewed my oldest sister Jennifer and I asked her a little about everything.