The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

In this interview, I talked to my aunt about her childhood, her career, and her hopes for future generations to come. I learned a lot about her and her family, and I am glad that I was able to have...

The Bachelor

We discussed the pop culture T.V. show The Bachelor and why people may choose to go on the show.

Aixa interviews Erika
September 25, 2018 App Interview

I asked Erika about her life and her growing up.

Rocket Hall

Rocket hall is a place full of memories. Mr. Bishop shows us this through his stories.

Patsy Reynolds: Our Housekeeper and Friend

After working for the Crawford family for 35 years, Patsy still remains a constant in our lives. She is a friend, and most of all, family.

Diego Cardenas interview with Jorge cardenas

It was a conversation of my oldest brothers life. His thoughts and regrets were discussed in this interview.

A teacher’s progression

This is a summary of Scott’s road from an intern, to an assistant head at a prestiges private school.

The Poop Tank

We really talked about a bunch of funny stories my grandmother had to offer. Many brought a few chuckles from her and I.

Berry So Far

I am a freshman at Berry College. I’ve been here for half a semester. What have I learned in the seven weeks of my time here at Berry?

Rebecca Bryson – Life in Southern Georgia

Talked about her life in Valdosta, Georgia. Her parents, racial tension, Cold War, Vietnam War, gender roles, etc.

Ralph’s Chipmunk and the Stupid Green Dress

In this interview, Katheryn Baldwin is asked by her daughter, Lily, to tell her a story about the dumbest thing Katheryn ever did. Tracing around a barely visible scar on her hand, Katheryn describes chasing after her cat Ralph, a...

My Aunt Shauna’s History

My aunt Shauna's tells me about herself and tells about her loving opinion on me.

Polhill History

This is about my ancestors and where they were born. My mom will be interviewed.