A Cousin Interview Insight From Ryne Hollenitch, An Older Millennial.

On April 19th 2021 in Anaheim Hills, California Jazmin Barker (F25) talks with her older cousin of 10 years, Ryne Hollenitch (M35) on what it was like growing up in his shoes. With a bachelors in history he has gone...

Jean Hughey, William Hughey, Tara Hughey, and Amanda Hughey

Tara (34) and Amanda Hughey (26) interview their grandparents, William(87) and Jean L. Hughey (85), about growing up during the depression, memories of World War II, their courtship and marriage, and favorite life memories.

John Guzlowski and Linda Calendrillo

John (66) talks to his wife Linda (62) about his parents who were survivors of Nazi concentration camps, how they migrated to the U.S. and the trauma they faced in their lives.

Kaelin Barke and Petra Marks

Kaelin Barke: 2020-11-29 00:17:18 I interview my grandmother about how her younger life was including her childhood, parents, grandparents, school, and her husband.

Learn How to Forecast the Weather with Oma: All You Need Is A Broken Toe and Some Deer

This is an interview I did with my 86-year-old grandmother. She lived in Germany through WWII and had a very interesting life, resulting in some unusual stories. She now lives on an out-of-service farm in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. In this...

Gary Shafer and Michaela Shafer

Michaela Shafer (68) interviews her husband Gary Shafer [no age given] about his time in the Air Force, what is was like serving during Hurricane Katrina, and what he would like his children to know about his time in the...

Dianna Hawryluk and Stephanie Hawryluk

Dianna Hawryluk (26) interviews her grandmother Stephanie Hawryluk (76) about her experiences growing up in Germany, immigrating to the U.S., and living in New York City.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Mrs. Maria A. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews told me about her family’s cultural heritage including interesting stories about her ancestors. She also gave her perspective on immigration.

Grandma’s Childhood

My Grandmother grew up during World War II and migrated to America when she was 11. She had a very unique childhood and believes that the people of my generation should try to get good, basic education to lay a...

Vietnam War: Thomas F. Thomspon

In an emotional, yet intriguing interview with my former boss and family friend, Mr. Tommy Thompson, I was able to listen to the many stories and wise words of his past.

Sophia Kramer is interviewing her father about his life.

Some things that were talked about were his wife Concetta, and family, and how he got to where he is today.

A Conversion with an Iranian- American LGBTQ Couple: Danny and Ardalan

An insight into the life of an Iranian-American LGBTQ couple. Life in Germany versus the US as Iranian LGBTQ’s. Danny and Ardalan’s historical family business and their work running one of the first Iranian LGBTQ nonprofit organizations.

Interview with Edward Quintanilla

Edward Quintanilla’s time in the army during Cold War and the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Bruce Caine and Elaine Caine

Elaine Oakley Caine (68) interviews her husband Bruce "Woody" Caine (76) about his career in the military, his time deployed in Germany and Vietnam, and his different careers after the military.


Christina grew up in Germany, had a happy marriage to Gerald, an English Army soldier and had 3 children, but lost her husband when he was only 41.