Karl Wilhelm Beyer Interview

we discussed the life and childhood of Karl Wilhelm Beyer

The history of my family

The story of my family from Germany and the times they were here.

Friend From a Far

My interview was of my mom's best friend that is a general manager for Dominios. The reason I interviewed Peggy was to change things up; to see what someone else's life was like and not just my family because I...

World History Oral History Project

A interview with my grandpa about his time in the military.

Talking with grandma Johnson

Teagan Johnson talks with Eileen Johnson about her time as a child and adventures throuought life. Including time in Japan and majoring in German literature. Some stories include working in an optical shop for 50 years and meeting her now...

Thanksgiving Bonus Activity

Me and grandfather talked about his life and how my family came to this country.

Immigration Interview with Anne.

Anne and I talked about her experience in coming to the United States. She arrived at Ellis Island with her husband in 1947.

Immigrant Project

Talks about grandfather from Germany coming to america.

Barbara (Bunny) Sims and Bruce Sims

Barbara (Bunny) Sims (73) and her husband, Bruce Sims (74), remember Bunny's father and the role he played in World War II while serving in the U.S. Navy. They also discuss their family, their careers, and the places they've lived.

Kathleen O'Dell and Andrea Croley

Andrea Croley [no age given] tells her friend, Kathleen O'Dell [no age given] about her family's experience of the Bombing of Dresden, immigrating to Missouri as a child, and how her family history and personal experiences inform her condemnation of...

Germans Are So Honest

After immigrating to Los Angeles from Hamburg, Germany twenty years ago, Verena sits down to talk about German v. American differences.

Brennan Totten interviews her grandma Linda Zengel about life in Germany

This interview was conducted in January 1st, 2020 in New Jersey. Brennan Totten (15) interviewed her grandma, Linda Zengel (72) about family traditions and important people in her life. Linda Zengel talks about life living in Germany and nicknames.

Victoria Chamberlin and Michael Chamberlin

Spouses Victoria Chamberlin (37) and Michael "Mike" Chamberlin (38) share their experience as an already married couple enlisting in the United States Army Band.