Marmee talks about childhood

My grandmother shares three memories about growing up in Hong Kong. First she tells a story about finding a robber in their house on Christmas Eve, then she talks about watching a Communist uprising from her bathroom window, and her...

You must know that you reap what you sow. You don’t work hard , try hard. No pains no gains.

A father shares his stories and experience about his life with his son. He shared his life when he was a teenagers and his career. He is a hard working person. He also talked about his live and relationship. And...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about lots of childhood memories. He had lots of them, some very rough. We also talked about the most important people in his life. I have never known that he has faced such challenges in America due to...

My Mother’s Life in China to America

An interview of my mom’s life as a kid in China, from school to home life, to moving to America with my dad.

my lovely mother

This is an interview with my mom, a person that is very important to me. It is some questions about her job, family, and life where I gained a deeper understanding of her.

David Warren and Dashiell Warren

David Warren (84) talks with his grandson, Dashiell Warren (22), about his time in the Navy. He remembers days out at sea writing poetry, traveling to Hong Kong, and coming home to marry his wife, Marsha.

A Traveling Life of Faith and Service.

Scott Zimmerman, a Junior at Egg Harbor Township, interviewed his Grandfather over the Thanksgiving break from school. Over the course of the recording they discuss his grandfathers early life from birth up until about his early thirties. They discuss how...

A Mom Describes the Whirlwind of Immigrant Life
December 18, 2019 App Interview

A 17-year-old son interviews his mother about her life experiences growing up and how she ended up where she is now, in Irvine, California.

Janet Wolinetz and Louis Wolinetz

Janet Wolinetz (74) talks to her son, Louis Wolinetz (41), about her childhood, her marriage, her life in Hong Kong as a young bride, and what she's learned about herself.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my mom’s childhood, her immigration experience, and her parenting experience. I learned a lot more about my mom’s life before having me.

Declan's ELA Interview With Dad

Talked to my father about his travels abroad after college and how it affected him and other people.

joel smith: interview

Asked several questions and discovered a lot about my grandfathers past.

Muna Tseng and Nicky Paraiso

Muna Tseng (63) and Nicky Paraiso (64) talk about their shared background as the children of Asian immigrants, artists in New York, and the impact that the AIDS crisis had on their community.

Life experience

We talked about our own life experiences. Also, we talked about some memories.

Fresh off the Boat

Phoebe Kwan (2-2-1-6) Interviewing her brother Andrew Kwan (2-2-1-1) about their immigration from Hong Kong to the USA

Kylie’s Grandmother’s Story

We talked about my grandmother’s family and where she grew up. We talked about what she was proud of and grateful for.

Interview with Neen Neen

I sat down with my grandma for an interview to discuss a little bit of her childhood and also her life in the United States.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

The life in Hong Kong was very difficult socially and academically. Places like Mckinney High School is a great place compared to schools in Hong Kong but religion is should be the most important thing in your life. It should...