Immigrants in America: Family separation

Mexican-American family speaks on their experience with family separation and many of the struggles they’ve faced going through this.

Bridget Skaggs and George Cederquist

Bridget Skaggs (33) is interviewed by friend and colleague George Cederquist (42) about how she became involved in the Chicago opera scene, the pandemic's effect in the arts, founding the Fourth Coast Ensemble, and how grassroots arts organizations are revitalizing...

Older adult interview

This was an interview I did with my 70 year old grandmother

Interviewing my Aunt Wendy
November 25, 2021 App Interview

This was about her past life and what happened

Aviva Berke and her Aunt Jen talk about growing up in Rochester, NY and moving to Canada.

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2018 in Rochester, New York, Aviva Berke (16) interviews her aunt Jennifer Dockstator (57) about their childhood in Rochester and moving to Canada when she grew up. Jennifer shares stories from her family...

1960s interview

My grandma told me about her experience living in the 1960s.

Daniel Yang and his Friend, James Giltner, Talk about Books
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording, Daniel interviews James about his reading life and culture, how it has affected him thus far in his life, and his book recommendation.

Interview with Mom

My mom explains important life lessons she learned. She expresses what being a parent and a teacher mean to her.

Essential Worker Interview

In this interview I ask my mom who is a health care worker a few questions about Covid-19

Lung surgery and a life behind it.

A lung surgery survivor, the battle of fighting cigarettes, and the life of a women in the 1950s.

Mary S. (Puts) Costigan with two of her sons Joseph and Paul Costigan February 2022

Mary S. Costigan (nee Ensenberger) age 91 speaks with two of her sons about stories from her youth in Bloomington, IL and her rich family life.

Essential Books: Kayla Byrne and her dad, Richard Byrne, discuss reading and the importance of seeking truth.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, student Kayla Byrne and her dad, Neurosurgeon and life long reader Richard Byrne talk about the book “The Blank Slate” by Steven Pinker as well as the importance of a life long love of reading.

Day After Thanksgiving With Grandma Pat

My Grandma Pat is 81 at the time of this interview. Also heard in the interview is my mom. Grandma Pat tells her story of what she’s thankful for, how she wants to be remembered, and her story of motherhood....

My father, Ronald

This interview is generally about my father, Ronald St. Hill, talking about his life and also his views on life and what he has experienced and and his moments in life

Beatriz Lara

I get to learn more about Beatriz and how Texas is like.

Our Pursuit of happiness

Maria Martinez , a mother of 4 , married and happy. No obstical turned her down.

The Roots That Keep Me Strong

This interview talks about the roots that keep my dad, Heraclio Cruz, standing strong.

Interview with Dad-Samuel Oh

I asked my father about some past information when he was a child and what he did. I also asked him for advice in high school and some of his favorite moments