From Mexico to The USA, Lessons My Grandma Learned Along the Way

My grandma talks about the lessons she values most, memories that make her who she is today, and funny stories about our family and it’s past.

Interviewee mom

We talked about growing up and learning a new language.

Entrevista con mi Tia Sonia

Una entrevista con mi Tía Sonia acerca de su vida, niñez, trabajo y escuela. Ella aconseja a los jóvenes que les echen ganas y siguen sus sueños.

A Couple Of Minutes With My Mom "your childhood was stolen from you"

My moms troubled past is briefly touched upon as we discuss differences between our childhoods, and my moms difference between her parents.

Mother has changed my life

My mother has changed my life in many different ways! This interview is very touching to me because my mother is truly amazing and has gone through many things in her life. Her sister has passed at a very young...

Carolina Calvo, Mauricio Calvo, and Yancy Villa Calvo

Yancy Villa Calvo (43) talks with her husband, Mauricio Calvo (44), and daughter, Carolina Calvo (13), about their experiences being Mexican immigrants and newly naturalized Americans, and how they aspire to help others through their artistic and political efforts.

Nana Elva’s childhood memories

This is the story of my nana and about her childhood memories and later years.

Dad’s Story of Coming to America

My dad speaks on the life he made for himself after leaving mexico. He shares his feelings towards the decision and proudest moments of realization.

Interview My Dad

Interview my dad about his childhood and life lessons

Life as an immigrant from multiple countries

About how was life as a kid in a small college town in venezuela to moving to Mexico

Barbara Espinoza, Rebeca Beliard, and Jaime Espinoza

Siblings Barbara Espinoza (30), Rebeca Beliard (34), and Jaime Espinoza (28) remember moving from Mexico to Michigan as children. They also talk about their happiest and saddest moments, biggest influences, and hopes for the future.

Dad interview

From this interview I learned about how my dad went to many catholic schools and was a good friend. I also learned about his many dreams for art and that he liked volunteering for many things when growing up. Sadly...

Grandma Gloria

My grandma who tells me a little bit about her and her early life

Love, pain, and Hope

During the 8 minutes in which I sat down with my mother to speak about the impact that I’ve had in her life, she told me about some of the most notable moments in her life since she birth me.

Growing up in Veracruz Mexico and migrating to the US for a better life.

In this interview, conducted in April 22, 2018 in Tustin, California, Joanna Martínez interviews her aunt Teresa Castro about her childhood and how she always looked at everything on the bright side. Teresa talks about her having a cheerful childhood...


Cristy talks about her passion for singing

Entrevista por Julissa García

En esta entrevista mi padre, Francisco habló de su vida. Todas las cosas que sucedieron cuando era pequeño.

The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

Jimena & Juana – Millas aparte, recordando la unidad.

Juana (38) habla con su hija Jimena ( 16) sobre los recuerdos de su infancia. Juana(38) talks to her daughter Jimena( 16) about her childhood memories.

Interview with Nini Bedi

This is an interview with Avanni Bedi, my friend and classmate. We talked about many things including hobbies and travels.