Tea Time with Ted

During this interview, I discussed with Cuong Nguyen (my father) about his history, his family, his dreams when he first migrated to the United States. I also discussed his hopes for me and my older brother.

Chat with Abu

During this interview, I spoke with Abu to talk about his life and experiences. We spoke about his education, family life, and hardships he has faced. Abu really opened up to me and told me his inner throughts when he...

Tales From My Cuban Mother

Span277: Borderless Poetics & Expression for a New Time — Conversation with my Cuban mother about her life before and after immigrating to the U.S., the struggles she faced once she got here and how she overcame them.

Theology IV : Interview Faris

We talked about how faith is important in a relationship and the advice he would give others.


Me and my dad discuss the important national events from his time in Argentina and the differences between there and the United States.

Diana Cortina-Rodriguez and Norma Taulet Ball

Diana Cortina-Rodriguez (33) speaks with her grandmother Norma Taulet-Ball (90) about her life growing up in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Benji Interview

This is an interview of my friend benjamin quintana. Also asked him his name and how old he was. .

Vive la Vida Con Lucy

This is going to let the audience know where she grew up but most importantly how her relationship with her parents has impacted ours.

Dominic Pratt Interview

Interview with Dominic Pratt. How his life is and what he does. Getting a look on his child hood.

Margarita Anderson and Leeanna Anderson talk about experiences throughout lifetimes in Miami, Florida

In this interview, Leeanna Anderson interviews her mother Margarita Anderson about her life. Margarita shares her thoughts about being an immigrant and what immigration was like for her. She also talks about what she wishes for the future and what...

Interview with Rosy

An interview about my mother, Rosy’s, life.

Interview with Arlyne Obregon
November 4, 2019 App Interview

Arlyne Obregon is describing her life and all the challenges she had to go through to get where she is at now.

Interviewing Momma

Had an interesting conversation with Momma about family and when she was younger.

Interview with Maria Morier

We talked about communism, what her life has been like and what she desires her future grandchildren will know about her.

Mother and Son

an interview from a son to mother about her cuban childhood and life

Family Food for Thought

My name is Katherine Mesa (20) and I am a current student at Florida International University and today I interviewed my older brother Nicholas Mesa (22). In our interview we discussed Nicholas’ transition from Miami to Gainesville for college, and...

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my mom 10 questions about her memories ,who her favorite person is etc...