Interviewing Abby

I interviewed my grandmother, Annie Sanchez-Medio. She gave me the story of her life and we applied it to our family today.

Interview project by Andrea Caballero

We talked about how she would see me in my future with my family and how I was raised

Interview with my Uncle

I asked questions to my Uncle mainly pertaining to his work life. I also included a question about challenges faced coming to a new country from Cuba.

Regaining My Life From Peer Influence.

A developmental Story Corp interview on peer influence on the life of a young African American woman.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We were talking about my grandmother’s adventure in Miami, Florida.

Interview with Michael Yetter

In this interview we discussed the transition from high school to college and the real world

The life experiences and regrets of marvin morales

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Miami, Florida, Angeline Morales(13) interviews her dad Marvin Morales(53) about his younger self and how it was growing up back then. they also talk about life regrets and accomplishments.

Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Grandma

In this interview, conducted in Miami, Florida on November 26,2017, I ask my grandma(Maria Romero) about her childhood and things that have impacted her life.

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my mom 10 questions about her memories ,who her favorite person is etc...

Interview with Mario Del Foyo

This interview was about my grandfather and all the memories he has had in his life. He told me many stories from his childhood, from his life with my grandma, work life, and life after my mon was born!

Family oral history

I spoke to my paternal grandma about her early life, school, family, faith, and immigration.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my grandmother and I spoke about her life when she was younger, memories of her life, and how she would like me to be.