Interview with mom

My mom talking about life in Cuba, moving to America, and seeing herself in her kids

Interview with Dad

This is an interview with my dad. I picked him because he seemed like the best person to interview. I am super close with him and I wanted to learn more about him.

Tim Millis Sr.

I talked with my Pawpaw on a lot of past experiences and how his childhood life was. We also discussed his careers and family.

The Great Thanksgiving Lesson

This interview is a Cuban interview. I love my grandma and this brought us closer. I asked her questions about our family and about her, that I never knew before. I loved this assignment and I’m sure that future students...

Story of Ruth
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview of the wonderful kind and strong woman Ruth Perez. This describes her immigration to America and raising her family im a foreign land.

Exposing my morher, Doris Moran

In this interview I asked my mother some questions which asked her about her life in general and how some family deaths affected her.

Interview with Viviana Infante

Overall, I learned a lot about my mom, when she grew up and entering her new life which was parenting. And what she went though in the beginning years of becoming a mother.

Interview with Anneris Silva

This interview with Anneris Silva was about her childhood and what it was like growing up as an immigrant in America.

Interview with Arlyne Obregon
November 4, 2019 App Interview

Arlyne Obregon is describing her life and all the challenges she had to go through to get where she is at now.

Rob & Keith… a year in our life.

Rob & Keith discuss life as a gay couple in their 50s… living together, moving across country, meeting families, planning for the future

Mornings With Mom

My mornings to school include of my mom listening to Elvis Duran and quoting in all throughout the day. On this specific morning we lowered the volume and conducted this interview. My mom shared what it was like growing up...

Roger Sosa’s Life Story – Part 1

This is a story of Roger Sosa’s life, and how the Cuban Revolution impacted it.

How mom met dad

Mom explains how she met dad on vacation in south beach.

entrevista – elena lara

My mother spoke about her past memories about her husband, her life, and me. She also included some tips for me as a teenager and spoke about what she considers life to mean.

Interview with mom

My interview with my mom that I asked her about her job, my childhood, and what she thinks about me.

Interview with Haydee

I talked with my grandmother about her experience moving from Cuba to the United States. We also discussed her life in Cuba and the advice she wants to give me.