Charles Coons- The September 11 2001 attacks

Charles Coons lived in New York and worked in the financial district during the 9/11 terror attacks. He recounts his life prior and during his experienc during this event.

First Day of School

First day back in school, specifically college. Nerve racking on the first day but towards the end of the day and onward she was very much more relaxed with where was was in. She hopes to graduate on time in...

The great thanksgiving listen – Emory DPT 2021
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we discussed my grandmothers experiences in life as well as her perspective on various personal topics that have influenced her family and mentality.

A Commoner’s View on 9/11

I talk to my father about the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001.

Dave Adams discusses the aspects of his life.

In this interview, conducted in Saint Clair, PA, Logan Maurer (age 17) interviews her Uncle's friend David Adams (65), about the different aspects of his life. Dave Adams reveals the worst parts of living in New York City and why...

A daughter interviews her mother about her mother's life from 1906 to 1985.

Alice Lorraine Palmer Mathews (daughter) interviews her mother Alice Beatrice Carlos Palmer (mother) in 1985. Note that Alice Beatrice gets confused at times thinking the interviewer (her daughter) is her grand-daughter. Note also that Cheryl Mathews is the StoryCorps account...

Interview With A Twin Sister- Erin and Maggie Salko

Maggie and Erin Salko talk about what it was like growing up as twins. They share their hopes for one another and their plans for the future.

Abba on Zadie Osip

An interview about my father's grandparents, who were Communists in Odessa and came to the US to help found the American Communist Party.

History With Chip

In conclusion my father is very wise. He has taught me a lot of things about his past that I am grateful to know about. He has made me laugh and think about how I can change my life for...

Sean Singh and Elizabeth Singh

Sean Singh, 43, interviewed by his wife Lizz (Elizabeth) Singh, 38. Sean and Lizz talk about their childhoods, meeting in New York City, and their two kids, Amy and Erin.

A conversation with my cousin Maura Collingwood in Huntington Beach, CA

I asked my mom's 1st cousin about her early life, growing up on a farm in western Ireland and later studying, working as a nurse and raising a family in England, and how she came to be living in the...

Interviewing my Grandfather about his life before I was born.

During my interview we talked about a lot of things including his childhood, school, his wife, his parents and etc. He told me a lot of things that I didn’t know about him and it was very interesting.

Sahil Siddiqi & Benjamin Sigall-Gaynor

Sahil Siddiqi: 2020-12-19 18:32:45 Sahil Siddiqi (14) with his friend Benjamin Sigall-Gaynor (14) discuss the year 2020 and how it has affected them

Don Mccoy- a life of laughter and kindness

Don's life began in rural Louisiana. Before he was 25 years old, he had traveled the US and settled in New York City where he finally reaized what it felt like to be completely free to be himself. He has...