Alexa A. and her best friend Cristal talk about body shaming and how its affecting today's community.
September 28, 2021 App Interview

Alexa A (15) and Cristal V (15) talk about the cons about body shaming and how society has became judgemental throughout time. As Cristal stated " Bodyshaming isn't the correct thing to do mostly towards younger generations".

Interview with Mom

I interviewed my mom we talked about her childhood and her regrets.

Life Pre Social Media

In this interview, I am heard discussing what growing up was like before social media and the Internet was as popular as it is today. Not only do we discuss what life was like growing up without the Internet, we...

Bob Alpern in Army, College, NYC and Baltimore

John Friedrich (56) interviews his friend Bob Alpern (93)about early influences in his lie, including seeing unemployed people along Riverside Drive in New York City, living in shanties. Bob shares that FDR's programs like the CCC and the WPA appealed...

“I knew I was on dangerous ground:” Two men working to tell the story of a lifetime.

Fred and Craig talk about their five-year project to write Fred’s life story, a story with roots in the South during the Great Depression, and stops in the Army, the prize-fighting world, Harlem, Sing-Sing Prison, and Washington DC.

The Epiphany on the School Bus Roof

The story of my grandfather who went from a kid struggling in school, to a cook in the military, then to a funeral director, and finally to a school psychologist.

The Life of an FBI Special Agent

This is an interview with former FBI Agent Jim Maxwell, a first responder to 9/11 as well as a bomb tech. He worked several high profile cases throughout his highly successful career.

Bob Alpern talks about his lifelong work against nuclear weapons

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) about his lifelong work against nuclear weapons and nuke tests, beginning with revulsion of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and reaction to a full page New York Times...

My Fathers Resilience

My dad’s two brothers, my uncles John and Steve, abused drugs throughout my father’s teenage years and most of his 20s. My uncle John passed away in 2005 from a drug overdose. My uncle Steve is alive today but is...

Living legacy interview

In this interview I talked with salim Haniff about what life in 2020 during a pandemic and being in self quarantine.

Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley | La Creme Angels Inc.
September 4, 2020 App Interview

Spanish interview featuring La Creme CEO Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley speaking about the important myths and realities of the novel coronavirus. Brought to you by La Creme Angels and La Creme Modeling & Acting Agency. @lacreme @lacremeangels

Nicholas Spoor and Zachary Spoor

Nicholas Spoor (40) and Zachary Spoor (31) reflect on their mother's recent passing. They also describe some of their memories about her.


An interview of someone’s perspective and take away from the effects of 9/11

9/11 interview

I talked to my older sister about her experience in 9/11 and what she remembers


where my mother was when she heard about the tragedy and how she felt

"My name is Imelda Camarena"

Imelda Camarena (47) talks with her daughter, Monserratt Castillo (14) about her childhood and her reaction to 9/11.

Lauren Fischel and Valerie Fischel

Lauren Fischel (54) shares a conversation with her mother, Valerie Fischel (79), about Valerie’s childhood, her studies as a dancer, her travels to Europe, her time in Paris, the role that expectations for women played in her life, and her...

Zoraida Lopez and Grace Ali

Zoraida (33) and Grace (33) talk about their friendship, their artistry, their immigrant families and Zoraida's pregnancy.

My friend William

We talked about William's journey from drug addiction and homelessness to his life today.

Secret Club
September 29, 2019 App Interview

Growing up gay post and pre Stonewall and being BiPolar

9/11 Interview

This is an interview about September 11th with my mom who was two blocks away from the World Trade Center.