Deborah P. Growing up in Multiple Places

Debbie describes what it was like growing up in both Michigan and Florida, and then living in New York.

Avery Turk Interviews her Mother Danielle Turk-12/2019

In this interview, conducted on December 1st, 2019 in Penfield, New York, Avery Turk (16) interviews her mother Danielle Turk (45) about her childhood and adulthood and the memories she has acquired throughout the years. Danielle shares stories from her...

Sisco and Brenda

Sisco and Brenda tell a story about how they meet in the most highly unlikely place, Toy R US.

First Day of School

Manuel’s first day of school and how it differed from the others


Good and bad memories of my life. These are stories my mom wanted to share with me

Difficult Children

My name is Songyi Park. I am 14 years old. Today is Thanksgiving and I am speaking to Jinju Kim, who is my mother. We are recording this interview in Bayside, New York. We both discuss about her childhood, where...

Aidan Guchek interviewing his Mom

Me and my mom talked about what it was like when she was a kid. And also what her relationship with her parents were.

Mom January 2019

1939 Worlds Fair in Queens, NY; The Great Depression, One of the first fifty women to join the Navy WAVES

Gilberta Toma Nerenberg
December 28, 2018 App Interview

Interview with the grandchildren on her life in Romania, Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States.

Dad’s Childhood

I️ interviewed my father about his childhood and how he was raised into becoming a father. I️ wanted to ask a few questions that would relate to myself as well

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!” – memoirs of a life devoted to teaching students in NY.

An interview inquiring about the interviewee's decision to pursue a career in education, how he handled stress, and lessons he learned. The interview ends with his life's most memorable memory.

Family knows who you are and greatly impacts who you become

In this interview conducted on December first 2019 on a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Susana Carrillo (14) interviews her friend and father Luis Carrillo (49) about his family relationships and one of the biggest changes in his life....

My interview with Uncle Harold

My Uncle spoke about how great his childhood was and how he likes making people happy. He shared his hobbies like Hunting and making baseball bats.

Sisters today, Future nurses tomorrow

Elizabeth Guillen is a registered nurse who also takes the role of a loving mother, sister, and daughter. Her job as a registered nurse has always been her passion ever since she was a child growing up in the city....

Lily at 2 years old

Talking to Lily at two years old to discuss some of her favorite things

Being a woman of the 60s

The struggles and challenges of being a women in the 60s and in the 20th century.

Joyce Rappaport Interview: June 2018 with Rich Rodgers

Joyce is my mother-in-law, but she is much more than that to me. She is a very loving person who looks for the good in people, the positive side of everyone. She accepts people for who they are. I felt...

Scott Sklar

Scott Sklar had an interesting childhood in Manhattan as the son of the programmer for ABC Radio. He met many famous and relevant musicians at the time.