Don Linscheid and Joyce Estes

One Small Step conversation partners Don Linscheid (76) and Joyce Estes (64) talk about their experiences caring for individuals with disabilities, and their frustrations with the current state of US politics.

Bill Haskell and Liv Schaffer: An Intergenerational Conversation

Board of Directors Storytelling Project: Our first StoryCorps conversation is between SFV Board Co-chair Bill Haskell (77) and Board member Liv Schaffer (31). In this inspiring conversation, Bill and Liv talked about many things including people who have been instrumental...

Teri Mott and Krista Anderson

One Small Step partners Teri Mott (61) and Krista Anderson (61) talk about their personal political values, the issues that have become personal to them, and their experiences with religion.

Stephen Foster and Russell Saray

Stephen "Steve" Foster (74) is interviewed by his husband, Russell Saray (62), about his experiences caring for a partner who passed from AIDS, living during the height of the AIDS epidemic, and being a community member of Fire Island Pines.

Tomik Dash and Robert Levine

Tomik Dash [no age given] interviews his friend Robert "Bob" Levine [no age given] about his first time in Cherry Grove on Fire Island and about his career as a drag performer starting in the 1950s. They discuss the impact...

Edwin Schulhafer and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey (50) interviews his partner, Ed Shaulhafer (69), about his experience training to become a doctor during the AIDS epidemic. Ed also talks about his relationship to Fire Island throughout the years.

Bill Van Parys and R Bromley

Bill Van Parys (61) interviews his friend R. "Scott" Bromley about (83) about his experience visiting and living on Fire Island, especially during the AIDS epidemic. Scott also shares his love for the Pines and the Pines community.

Kris Grae and Gil Neary

Friends Kris Grae (56) and Gil Neary (64) discuss their experience on Fire Island during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, how they dealt with loss and grief, and how they would like to be remembered.

Kyle Merker and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey (50) interviews new friend Kyle Merker (60) about Kyle's experience living and working on Fire Island through the AIDS crisis. Kyle remembers friends that he lost, talks about his time caring for AIDS patients as a candy striper,...

Don Millinger and Gary Clinton

Don Millinger (66) and his husband, Gary Clinton (70), remember their first visit to Fire Island Pines, discuss learning about AIDS, and share memories of loved ones they lost throughout the epidemic. The pair also reflect on how Fire Island...