My Grandmothers life story and her struggles in life and how she overcame it

Practice Covid Interview

Maxwell and I discussed his life during Covid and the struggles he faces. This also includes how his emotions and social life changed during these times.

Emily Nelson & Scott Acord

Emily discusses growing up with a substance-abusing mother, and how this led to her won struggles with abandonment issues. She also talks about running away, dealing with depression and methamphetamine addiction as a teenager and ultimately her recovery from addiction.

The 2020 Experience- The Challenges of a COVID Bride and a Healthcare Worker

A personal interview between brother and sister and the mental and emotional challenges that 2020 has posed: cancelled med school graduation, cancelled wedding, starting residency amidst a pandemic, and a whole abundance of emotions throughout.

Caryn Miske and Colette Fitch

On her 15th birthday, Colette Fitch (15) asks her mother, Caryn Miske (56), about some of her childhood memories and favorite experiences they have shared together. Colette shares about her struggles with depression, losing her dog, and visiting with her...


interview on sendi's hardest time of her life (college)