Mental Health and Improving Oneself

Mina Campos, an 18 year old student at Elizabethtown College interviewed her college peer Nathan, who she finds as a great mentor and even better friend. She interviewed him on mental health where they talked about the experiences and path...

Dr Rosemary Lucas – Memories of the Depression

Rosemary describes watching her parents give food to needy families who came to their door. The impact it made on her resonates with her to this day. she talks about how teachers were paid through scripts during the depression and...

Mike Watts and Humza Rahman

Humza Rahman (30) interviews his friend and coworker Mike Watts (73) about his time at Loaves & Fishes, his artistic explorations, and his many “sides.”

Loren Johnston and Julia Kirschenbaum

Loren Johnston (73) is interviewed by StoryCorps Facilitator, Julia Kirschenbaum (25), to tell about the lives of his father and mother. Loren's words are meant to serve a as a proper memorial to his father, Byron Frank Johnston, a mortician...

Makenna Givens and Sharon Totaro

Makenna Givens (18) talks with her grandma, Sharon Totaro (82) about her life. Specifically, raising kids on her own, losses of loved ones, and her mental health struggles.

Martin Wegbreit and Sara Rhem

One Small Step partners Martin Wegbreit (71) and Sara Rhem (58) discuss the role religion plays in their lives and their experiences losing their sons to suicide.

Cynthia Grace and Savannah Winchester

Cynthia Grace (46) speaks to new friend and conversation partner Savannah Winchester (31) about the strength and inspiration she got from her mother and the journey she made to accepting herself as a transgender woman.