Ernest Minarich and Jillian Minarich

Jillian Minarich (37) talks with her dad, Ernest "Ernie" Minarich (68), about their family's Croatian history and how they came to be in the United States. Other topics include childhood memories and college.

Sky interview

Had to do an interview for an assignment and had to make a list of questions to ask the interviewee

Interview with my patti

Interview in tamil with my Patti/grandma who recounts memories growing up in fear of the world war coming to India, growing up in the 1950s in a rural village, and raising her many grandchildren.

Interview with my mom, Kala George

My mom switches between tamil and English as she describes her childhood and growing up in a rural village in kerala/tamilnadu (south india) and going from being Catholic to Hindu for her education.