Chris Klein & Alex Wu

Chris Klein, an Andover native and author, discusses his German and Irish roots. He recounts his life growing up amidst classism in the 1980s. Inspired by AP US History class, he discovered his passion for research-based writing, determined to preserve...

Alex interview
November 27, 2022 App Interview

I (Serena, 15) interviewed my brother (Alex, 21) about his views and personal philosophy. He discussed how curiosity, interest, and motivation are the basis for his behavior.

A Deeper Look into Animal Research pt. 2

This interview is between Jordyn Leon, 21, and Sherri Lineham, 37, both animal care technicians at the University of Rhode Island overseeing the research animals. Topics discussed include Sherri’s background and overall experience in the field, as well as anti-animal...

A Deeper Look into Animal Research

This interview is with Lisa Dowaliby, CVT at the University of Rhode Island for the research animals. She discusses her background in the field, as well as her day to day experience with these animals. More details on anti-animal research...

Marci Taylor (Hayez) and Dr. Denise Gates

Marci Taylor (Hayez) (51) interviews her colleague, author Dr. Denise Gates [no age given], about organizational socialization, superior-subordinate relationships, workplace burnout, traumatic workplace betrayals, and related issues. The two discuss how COVID-19 has shaped organizational socialization, and they offer guidance...

Gayle Raskin and Isabella Gonzalez

Gayle Raskin (65) talks to new acquaintance Isabella Gonzalez (26) about her abortions. Gayle reflects on the support she received from those around her, on how she has thought about her experiences in the years since, and on the current...

Question What You’re Told

Jimmy Sarmiento tells the story of the FAV property group’s discoveries.

Sonja Akright and Kathleen Phillips

Kathleen Phillips (77) interviews Sonja Akright (50) about StoryCorps, historic preservation, and her personal research project on sanitariums in Lake Geneva, WI.