Interview of Mehran Farhadi

The interview of Mehran Farhadi(63) conducted by his son Evan Farhadi(16) and his journey as an Iranian and an American.

interview with Mr. Rivera

interviewed Me. Rivera he’s a law informant teacher at Jefferson high school

Donya Zanjani and Farah Zanjani talk about what is it like growing up in Iran.

In this interview, conducted in April 2023 in Anaheim, California, Donya Zanjani (20) interviews her mom and Farah Zanjani (63) about her childhood in Iran. She also talks about her struggles with her arranged marriage and gives advice on motherhood,...

Mohammad Ali Rezaeian: what does the future hold?

Mohammad Ali Rezaeian 89 yrs old a Persian artist and inventor states his points of view about how genetic science and medicine can change the future to a better word. interviewer, the daughter: Panteha Rezaeian MD, FASPC

Same Person Different Revolution

Hoda lived through a revolution in her childhood, the recent Iranian revolution brings her hope, and sorrow.

Parnia Dehghani and Majid Dehghani

Parnia Dehghani (16) talks with her father, Majid Dehghani (50) about his biggest dream growing up and some of the challenges he faced after finally having his dream come true.

Torn Between Two Cultures: On Being the Daughter of Immigrant Parents

Loyola University Chicago MSW student Kate Dawson talks with her best friend of many years, Chloe Kilano, about growing up with two immigrant parents from Iran. The two reflect on Chloe's experience of being a first-generation college student while challenging...

Iran Women's Rights Interview

Lida Shamonzadeh (57) was interviewed by daughter Simona Sargizian (18) about the past and current state of Iran regarding women's rights in Iran.

Arghavan Nawaby and Caroline Valdes

Friends Arghavan Nawaby (54) and Caroline "Leilani" Valdes (49) came together as students at the McComb’s business school Executive MBA program. The two reflect on their friendship, personal experiences that shaped their values, and their time at the University of...

Iran & Iraq war Experiences Pt 1

Lida Shamonzadeh, an Iranian Citizen immigrated to America due to discrimination and hatred toward her people. The struggle is difficult but how did she do it?