Grow n Glow

For this interview, we pretty much spoke about how it was growing up in Jamaica and things to look forward to in the future.

A Life of Love & Service w/ Oren Cousins

A niece speaks with her uncle, who serves as the historian of the family, as well as being an artist, a writer, and a lifelong educator to all who he comes across.


We talked about there lifestyle and how they lived. I asked about their childhood and where they lived.

Chad cover interview

This is a interview about my mother’s life.

Kylie’s Grandmother’s Story

We talked about my grandmother’s family and where she grew up. We talked about what she was proud of and grateful for.

Jamaica to US

This interview is about Edris McNeill and Her life growing up in Jamaican then moving to the US

Abigail Smith and her mom discuss the past, the present, and the future.

We talked about our family and how she had to adapt to her surroundings because everything was different when she moved. We discussed her childhood and the love of her life and who impacted while she grew up. She told...