Your mom

This interview is for a test to try out the story crop app. We asked a personal questions about things we wanted to know about them.

G Podcast

Had an in depth discussion with my grandma

Mrs. Sutton and Mrs. Delk

Mrs. Delk and mrs. Sutton are long time Grove Park resident interviewed by the Grove Park Foundation

Aspirational Life

In this interview, Alexandro is told some personal information

My Mom’s Legacy

This is an interview of my mom about her different life experiences. She explains what she has learned and gone through in her life.

Interview with my Neighbor

This is the interview where I talked to my Neighbor whom we hardly talk to but this is the time where we learn more about him and what stories he have to mention.

“Times of my life”

I talked about the times of my life that I remember at some of the main parts of my childhood. Some main parts of like Elementary in me living in this East LA area.

From Naughty Teen to Grandmother

I (T. Tretter) interviewed my grandmother from my dad’s side, Shirley Fusko. She was born in 1938 in Indiana and she has lived in Indiana since then. She has had two husbands, the second of which she met and married...

Interview w/ my Grandmother

I have an interview with my grandmother and we talk about her life in Mexico. I ask her questions such as who in her life has influenced her the most and what she thinks of the U.S compared to Mexico....