Interview with my nana

We discussed about her having childing and any advice that she’d like to give me.


I interview my boyfriends mom

Sister adonna

It was great with my sister I learn a lot about her

Humanities Interview

Amanda discusses her favorite memory from her first day of NAU classes and Dania talks about why she chose to study at NAU.

Storycorps Interview

I interviewed my boyfriend in hopes of understanding a little more about him. What he answered left me… Speechless.

Ken Ryan and Kimberly Westenskow
August 16, 2019 OSS Kit

Kimberly “Kim” Westenskow (35) talks to her father Ken Ryan (63) about their strong political and social disagreements. They try to come to terms with each other’s points of view in a neutral environment.

Miz Amy Thompson Remembered

Crystal Thompson remembering her grandma, Amy Thompson, also known as Miz Amy

Interview With My Mom

We talked about her life when she was living in the Philippines and after she moved to the U.S.


I asked my mom questions that pertained to her and her life with us.

Lowell Observatory's Impact on the Flagstaff Community

This interview provides contextualization and a history lesson for those wondering the origins of Flagstaff’s STEM interests and the impact of Lowell Observatory on Flagstaff from its beginning to present day.

Interview with Joyce Frye

Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved...

My Special Someone

We talked about things that she’s been through in her life and some of the difficult memories and trials faced.

A Conversation About Reclamation

G and I sat in Ashley’s house and talked about her goals, the strong women in her life and who she wants to be remembered as.

Isabel bell and Tara kakar

I made this recording of my mom and I to share how she felt about her life and what was most important to her and what she has learned

Global Arizona – Axel Bation

I interview my friend Axel about being a global citizen, and about his experiences growing up.

Global Arizona

Dual-Citizenship student Thomas Parker talks about the differences between Swiss and American culture, and what it was like growing up between the two.