Ruth Britt, John Britt, and John Britt

Ruth Britt III (83) talks to her son John Lee Britt III (46) and her grandson John Britt IV (14) about the importance of proactively seeking out one's education, especially given the history of systemic inequities disadvantaging Black Americans in...

Stacia Parker and Jade Rone

Jade L. Rone (21) talks with her mother, Stacia Parker (52) about coming into her home as a foster child, her circumstances at the time, and what she has learned since forming a relationship with Stacia.

Moonshine in Hickman County, Tennessee

James Hassell talking about his moonshine making days.

Desi Danganan and Maria F. Patino

Desi Danganan was a project lead in creating Kapwa Gardens in San Francisco, California. Adding a little bit of greenery and adding cultural diversity. By helping to build communities and help fund local artists and businesses.

Clement Mbuyi and Barry Thierno, interview about family, friend and home country.

We talk about the differences between friends and family member then dthe diferrences between the the United States and our homecountries in Africa.

Katherine Pesantez interview with Brianna Pesantez

In this interview With Brianna she explains to us what she identify’s as.She also tells us about her favorite teacher and why she is important to her.

Dora Duran Interview

An interview with my grandmother about her history and life

Questions I Wanna Ask

Eric Johnson (51) is getting interviewed by his son Trae Johnson (17) talking about just different questions Trae was waning to ask .

Interview with Peter

A simple interview between a girlfriend and boyfriend about deep life questions.

How was coved

Listen to me interview my grandpa about how his Covid experience was

Storytelling Assignment

This was an interview done between my mom and I. I asked her questions about her and me, and told her how I felt about her.

Oral History Project With My Mom, Michelle Roman-La Rosa

Talking about life in Venezuela, life growing up, moving to the US.

Faith H
October 24, 2021 App Interview

story telling assignment

Story telling

I conducted an interview with my fiancé

Watching as the birds fly by

I decided to interview my grandma! We went over a bunch of random questions, and just talked for a while!

Guadeloupe interview

I interviewed my godmother who is from guadeloupe

College Student of Working-Class Family

Luis Toro a college student majoring in Architecture and Construction management took the time to give us a little inside into his life. We discussed how he maintains a balance between academics and personal life. Luis talks about how financial...

Cassidy Meadors and Andrew Wade

Cassidy Meadors (18) talks with her former youth pastor, Andrew Wade (31) about what makes a good and happy life.

My little sister fought the biggest battle of her life and won!

My little wants this to reach as many people as possible! I hope this inspires everyone who listens!

¨Be the person who you want the world to remember you by¨

This interview was conducted by Jernita Moore. The participant is her older cousin Annie Marshall. The topic surrounds marriage, raising their children and keep the faith in God through the trials and tribulations. Recorded on 10/6/2020.