Interview with Dr. DeCarvalho

Dr DeCarvalho talks about his experiences being an immigrant from Cape Verde

The Barrier of Education in the Electoral Process (Podcast)

The barriers of the education in the electoral process. We example the 2016 presidential election and immigrant latino families in our podcast.

Great Barrier project- Robert, Yamilet, Ariana, Kate

Listen to it its not half bad, oh and its about the age barrier

Interview with Don Ferguson (Dad)

We talked about Don’s life experiences and his background, and wisdom he would want share with his future descendants.

Caleb and Aubrey, best bro’s
October 25, 2019 App Interview

We recorded the interview at home. I started out by asking him about his favorite memories of us. We then talked about our family. I asked him a little about school, and work. We ended on how he liked doing...


Chemo nos contó sobre algunas cosas que han sucedido en su vida y de cómo las ha sobrellevado.

Bernardo Arana

Hablamos aquí de Bernardo quien es una persona muy dedicada con su carrera

BC interview to my Grandma

She answered 10 personal questions with experiences she’s had in her life

Hannah-Hunt Moeller Interview

The interview is with MIT graduate student Hannah-Hunt Moeller who is in the urban studies and planning department. It also covers her background in Denver as an architect working with creating high performing greenbuildings.

Interview #1 Jacob

Today I talked with my friend Jacob about his experience with an old friend/roommate who abused drugs.

Trisha Naurang – Interview for Music

This interview is about my mothers life between the age of 0-31 and how it has changed.


I started with the Housekeeping unit and I was assigned to Martha Washington Elementary School and that was the Elementary school I had attended and the first day on the job I will never forget it. We were suppose to...


“It was supposed to be a Frankenstein meets the modern world story but it turned out to be something else.”


“Where Washington and Passyunk Avenue meet it was called the bloody corner because back in the twenties there was a lot of organized crime activity there.”

Three generations on growing up as a woman

Grandma Mac, Mother Mary Beth and Daughter Ilana talking about their lives as women.

Sterling Ranch, a 21st Century Community

As part of an Urban Ecology course, I interviewed one of the developers of Sterling Ranch, a new community in Denver.