Walter Jacobs and Ellen Jacobs

Ellen Jacobs (52 years old) interviews Walter Jacobs (13 years old) about his love of horror comics and horror movies and about making his own short movies. He ponders the perennial question posed by the horror genre (who's really the...

Melody Chapin and Pauline Katz

Pauline Katz (25) interviews Melody Chapin (25) about growing up poor, moving to a new community, recognizing racial and experiencing social interactions and demographic change as a result of neighborhood gentrification, and grappling with the fear of a loss of...

Ali & Zahraa

This was an interview passed on many questions I asked my Husband.

Diane’s Story

My grandmother and I talk about her condition and past.

English II- Narrative Assignment- Interview with my Dad about his journey to the US.
February 28, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I interviewed Mr. Ratish Chawnekar about his journey coming to the U.S. and how the transition was.

Damon Michael Kennedy

We discussed my father’s life, from his early childhood to his later years.

Dads thoughts

Interviewing my dad was a pleasure. I learned more about him asking him these questions.

Partner interview

This interview was to know more about Samanth.