Gregory Bathrick’s interview

My dear father tells his story and how much he loved his life for what it is.

Interview with My Grandpa Lawrence Johnson

This interview speaks on Johnson’s life, through his childhood and military experience, and how the world has changed during his years of living.


Discussed what he was most great full for. Also discussed how certain events impacted who he became

Sandie and The City of Memphis.

I spoke with Ms. Sandie Whittington about her gluten-free cookie business, the city of Memphis, and Loss.


I liked to draw all the time, I wasn't interested in anything else, so that's what I did.

Clumsy interview

We talked about our goals. We talked about our basis for life. About what our plans are and a few other personal things

Political opinions

This is a political opinion based interview

Brianna interview

This Story Corps is about my friend Brianna that I met at SUNY Delhi my first semester.

Nikayla Bourne Interview
February 24, 2020 App Interview

This is an interview about anastacia guarneri.

Sarah and Peter discuss local food

Peter and I talked about his relationship with local food and what things we should consider when thinking holistically about it. He also shared personal stories as well as stories from his great-grandfather.

Roommate Interview (Parallel Composing Project)

I interview my college roommates about the situation regarding our revolving door of other roommates.

Nia and Sara discuss local food

In this interview, Nia talks about her experiences at the Detroit Eastern Market and her courses about food accessibility.

Janielle Calaunan and Stephanie Rosas discuss local food

A discussion focused on local food consumption with conversation surrounding family traditions, future intentions, and current association with local foods. Also taking a look at what future generations can do to increase the accessibility to local foods.

Mom memories. "Did we raise rabbits during the war? Yes."

Mom reflects on her life, including the death of her brother Walt from polio