Elaine Chen gets to know a little more about her mother, Naoko Makise’s, life-story and the valuable lessons she’s learned from her experiences.
November 4, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 3rd, 2022, in Orange County, California, Elaine Chen (20) interviews her mother Naoko Makise (56) about her childhood, family, life-lessons, and spirituality all based on the rich experiences that she went through. Ms. Makise...

Interview with Ashley Davies on 3/25

This is an interview with Ashley Davies, an amazing professor on the CSU campus, where she talks about her life experiences, what she has learned, and how she has grown throughout her life.

Becoming Jean Goodwin

I asked her who her biggest influences were growing up, what led her to become an elementary teacher, what she is most proud of besides her children, and what she wants to accomplish with the rest of her life.

Catherine Shirey and Rachel Brown

Catherine Shirey (47) shares a conversation with her mother, Rachel Brown (74), about kindness, acceptance, and radical grace.

Angela Ibrahim-Olin and Viriginia Ibrahim-Olin

Wives Angela Ibrahim-Olin (37) and Virginia Ibrahim-Olin (42) talk about their relationship and marriage. They focus on their wedding day in 2015, as well as their young son Franklin and their soon-to-be-born second child, whom they refer to as "Pickles."

Katie Boyle and Naomi Love

Naomi Love (26) interviews her friend Katie Boyle (26) about Katie's perspective on religion, community, friendship, and family. Katie also reflects on her experience stepping away from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and remembers her grandmothers.

Robin Reshard and Lloyd Reshard

Spouses, Robin Reshard (56) and Lloyd Reshard (64), sit down for a conversation about how their early relationship unfolded, their similarities and differences, and what they have learned from one another.

Being Transgender In Today’s Society

My best friend Lyle has been transitioning from female to male over the past 3 months, so i thought I'd ask him a few questions regarding what it's like to be trans in our generation.

My mother and her experience moving to America

My mother immigrated to America from Japan 20 years ago, and has lived here ever since. In this interview, I ask about her experience as the first and only member of her family to move out of Japan, and about...

The hardest part of coming out was probably telling my mom. Nobody wants to make their mom cry.

This interview is the story of my gay uncle and the sad truths about being gay, but also the fact that it truly does get better.

Jessica Reed and Holly Weinburg

Friends Holly Weinburg (36) and Jessica Reed (36) discuss their recovery journeys and their ever evolving friendship.

Everett Montemayor and Rae Arnold 2020-11-25

Everett Montemayor: 2020-11-25 19:00:18 I, Everett Montemayor, talk about the future of our family and world with my Grandmother, Rae Arnold.

Compassion Blog 5

My aunt, Michelle, talked about transformative life events and how they made her into who she is today.


the hardest part about immigrating was acceptance. Luckily, Bear moved to SF and got off a plane unlike many of his peers in school who he bonded with over their immigrant backgrounds.

My brother Jeff Kearns and I discuss childhood and life lessons

Jeff and I talking on the patio of our childhood home. He shares with me lessons he has learned about life.

Today for You Tomorrow for Me

In today’s society people are celebrating LGBTQ people with parades and festivals, rather than spreading hatred towards them, but this wasn’t always the case. In November of 2018, 14 year old Sofia Brandon-Schwartz interviewed her father, Carlo Brandon to learn...

Stacie Williamson and Adam Barlow-Thompson

One Small Step partners Stacie Williamson (39) and Adam Barlow-Thompson (38) share a conversation about their families, their faith, their communities, their political views, and about what guides their values and beliefs.