Grandma Bev’s life

This is a story about my grandmothers life from her childhood until now

Stephen Edwards, Germany

Seved in the army and the airforce and served in many different countries and around the United States

Karen Oakley

Karen Oakley [no age given] shares memories and tells the story of a beautiful death concerning her father, Ted Repplier.

Interviewing Boppa about childhood and army

We talked about his childhood, how he was always getting in trouble before he found his love for books and sports, and then his time in the army as an air force doctor.

Tony Barker and Michael Starr

Friends and One Small Step partners Tony Barker (58) and Michael Bob Starr (52) discuss their upbringings, shared experiences in the air force, and how they shape their views. Tony defines "civility" and what it means to him in conversations...

An Interview on an Airforce vet Stationed in Taiwan

Hey! My name is Tanner Duvall, and I'm a dual enrollment highschool student. I'm 17 years old. This is a short 30 minute interview I did with my grandpa, Gary Kelly. We go over some topics relating to basic training,...

How Being Curious Can Lead You To Find You with Justin Platt and Danny Pinter

Throughout Richard Wright's novel, Black Boy, Richard is often curious. Through curiosity Richard finds something he's passionate about, reading. In this interview I ask my brother Justin Platt and my friend Danny Pinter about what passions they've discovered about themselves...

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about his life. His experience in the service in the 1957-9 at Edwards Airforce base.

Jenny Rask: 2020-10-18 00:11:00 Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about his experience in the service in the late 1950's. He was restationed to Edwards Airforce base instead of Iceland after his father's sudden passing. His engagement to Nurse Joyce...

Joel Ames and Perry Hoskins

One Small Step partners Joel Ames (67) and Perry Hoskins (64) have a conversation about their time in the military, religion, and their upbringings.

Grandpa’s life

My name is Tommy Rich, I am in eighth grade, and I was joined by my grandfather Bradford Rich where he talked about his life. He talked particularly about his various jobs as a lawyer that brought him through the...

From nothing to something

"I didn't have a skill so I figured if I went to the military they would teach me a skill which they did." On November 21,2019,in Cerritos,California, 15 year old Isaiah Brewington sat down with his 78 year old grandfather...

Great Grandmother

Some interesting things in her life as a child/young adult that differ from today’s experience.